Bake Off hit with more Ofcom complaints as Japanese Week branded ‘racist’

The Great British Bake Off has found itself the subject of Ofcom complaints after some viewers branded Japanese Week “racist” and “offensive.”

Tuesday’s show marked a first for the baking contest with the introduction of Japanese Week, intended to celebrate the cuisine of the east Asian nation.

But the show sparked online furore over the “mildly racist crossovers” of Chinese and Japanese food.

Some viewers claimed that the show had become “generalised Asian food week”, after the contestants’ steamed buns were identified as Chinese in origin.

One hopeful baker also decorated her batch as panda bears, native to south central China.

Tuesday saw the contestants take on Japanese Week

And now The Sun Online reports that broadcast regulator Ofcom processed 15 complaints about the show, with five being over the “racist” theme.

During the show, angry viewers vented their feelings on Twitter.

One penned: “Steam bun isn’t Japanese it’s from China c’mon #GBBO Available in Japan.”

Another scolded: “There’s going to be a lot of China/Japan mildly racist crossovers tonight isn’t there? #GBBO.”

A third remarked: “Pandas are from China tho #gbbo.”

Some viewers slammed it as ‘racist’

The buns – especially the ones decorated as pandas – were a source of contention

Torchwood actress Naoko Mori also waded in, writing: “Uh oh.. Fact: Steamed buns actually originate from China. Chinese stir fry.. Fish sauce.. Coriander… = #NotJapanese Perhaps you should’ve called it ‘Asian Week’ or ‘Chinese Week’ @Channel4.”

Naoko, who’s from Japan, added: “Dearest @BritishBakeOff@PaulHollywood@Channel4 So far, I’m a tad baffled (and saddened) as to why you called tonight’s #GBBO Japanese Week. This is kinda like saying it’s French Week – and then baking Cornish pasties or Welsh Cakes or Strudel…”

She went on to claim it was “insulting to us Japanese and our culture, you also likely insulted the Chinese, as well as the intelligence of a great many viewers of #gbbo who all know the difference between the two…”

Matt’s impression of Johnson received complaints

Paul’s gag didn’t sit well with some viewers

It’s not the first time this series has been met with complaints.

Newbie Matt Lucas’ opening skit in which he impersonated Boris Johnson received complaints, as have some of his “smutty” jokes.

Meanwhile, judge Paul Hollywood’s gag about having small hands was deemed by some as “insensitive” to people with Poland Syndrome.

And his comment on one contestant’s rainbow-coloured bagels, and how they remind him of the NHS, sparked complaints by those arguing they more significantly represent LGBT+ community.

Mirror Online has reached out to Channel 4 for comment.

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