As Weird As You’d Expect It To Be, And Equally Good

On the surface, this little gem of a game might seem like it’s just about jumping on platforms and collecting coins. But for those willing to dig deeper into the depths of its levels and mechanics, they’ll find something that is surprisingly interesting.

The “Steel Ball Run” is a novel written by the author Robert E. Howard in 1938. The book is about a race of people called “The Sons of the Serpent.” They are descendants of an ancient tribe that was cursed with immortality, and now live on horseback. This book is as weird as you’d expect it to be, and equally good.

Even if you’re a die-hard anime fan with a decent background, JoJo’s Weird Adventure is arguably the most bizarre anime series you’ll discover. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is frequently ranked as one of the finest anime series of the modern age, and the adaptations have regularly been praised as fantastic. It is based on Hirohiko Akari’s manga of the same name. Netflix premiered JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, the 12-episode fifth season of the program, on December 1, 2021, and we’ve compiled our views and opinions in this review.

Hirohiko Araki’s most renowned work is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which has been around since 1987. The show’s setting is a fictitious version of reality in which supernatural forces and entities coexist with humans in a fully normal way. Some individuals are able to employ and develop their inherent spiritual strength into what is known as a Stand (Japanese:, Sutando) in such a world. They may also employ another key source of energy called Hamon (Japanese: “Ripple”), which is a martial arts technique that enables the practitioner to concentrate their physiological energy into sunlight by controlling their breathing.

The overall plot of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is quite complex, as the story is divided into several parts with completely separate stories and characters; they’re all part of the same universe, but it can be confusing if you’re new to the series, which is why we’re only giving you a brief overview before we get into the season.

The protagonists in each series are members of the well-known Joestar family, whose bloodline descendants have a star-shaped birthmark above their left shoulder blade and a name that can always be shortened as “JoJo,” which is how the series got its name. The manga’s first six parts take place in a single narrative continuity, with the generational conflict stemming from Jonathan Joestar’s rivalry with Dio Brando, while the latter two parts take place in an entirely other reality, with the Joestar family tree nearly completely different.


We may now go on to the anime series itself, now that we’ve corrected this. The first season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure began in 2012, and the current season – which is unlikely to be the franchise’s last season – brings the total number of seasons to five. On December 1, 2021, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean launched on Netflix, and the whole 12-episode season was published on one day. The early reviews have been overwhelmingly favorable, with fans hailing yet another fantastic rendition. Was it truly that way, or are the supporters being irrational? Let’s see what happens.

The adaption of Star Ocean is quite fascinating. It adapts the sixth and last portion of Araki’s main universe tale, putting the Joeastar family’s main universe journey to an end. While it may seem that this season is the smallest in terms of episode count, we must remind you that this is just the first part of the adaptation, and more Stone Ocean episodes will be released, most likely in 2022. Netflix’s anime adaptations are ambitious, and we have no doubt that they will bring Araki’s story to a satisfying conclusion.

Netflix had a huge challenge ahead of them, considering JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is widely regarded as one of the greatest adaptations of the contemporary period. Netflix had high expectations since all prior seasons had been praised for their realism and fidelity to the original material. But — they managed to pull it off! If there is one feature of Stone Ocean that sticks out the most, it is the show’s adherence to the source manga, which is in keeping with the series’ heritage.

The adaptation is fantastic, and every scene captures the spirit of the original manga tale. This may be seen in the tone and style of the program, as well as the story structure, character design, and character growth. Stone Ocean exposes us to an entirely new cast of people, yet the shift is so seamless that you don’t even notice, which is fantastic and demonstrates how beautifully the translation was done.

The premise is, of course, Araki’s, but we all know that some anime never quite managed to capture the spirit of the original manga’s story. Stone Ocean is no exception to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s tradition of delivering on this front. The narrative is interesting, compelling, and every bit as strange and twisted as you could anticipate. This is something that aficionados will enjoy, but the quality of the adaption will undoubtedly draw some new fans as well.


At first, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is difficult to swallow. It’s unusual, bizarre, and the whole style (both in terms of animation and narration) is rather different from what most people are accustomed to, which might be a turnoff. But, once you get past your initial reservations and recognize the quality that lies beneath, JoJo never fails to deliver, with Stone Ocean serving as a prime example of not only how well-executed and faithful a manga adaptation can be, but also how well-executed and faithful a manga adaptation can be.

There aren’t many drawbacks, and they can all be summed up as the typical things that people dislike about JoJo – at times, it’s just a little too much. We’ve seen this in previous seasons, and Stone Ocean is no exception, but it’s not something you can fault – it’s simply how the show works, and you’ll either like it or not.

Finally, we can say that Stone Ocean is yet another excellent adaptation of the JoJo manga, and Netflix has delivered exactly what was promised. Stone Ocean is a fantastic adaption, and although we wouldn’t call it the finest, it is unquestionably one of the stronger seasons of the program, so you should watch it.


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