Are Dragons Real And Do They Exist?

Dragons have been a part of human culture ever since we’ve known about them. But is there any truth to these tales?

Dragons are a mythological creature that has been around for centuries. They have been depicted as fire-breathing, winged creatures with serpentine bodies. There is no evidence to prove whether or not they exist. Read more in detail here: are dragons real 2021.

Dragons have always been interesting animals that we often encounter in films, television programs, video games, and other forms of literature. Because of their stature and ability to fly and breathe fire, they are enthralling. Dragons have always been a part of the history of humanity, according to mythology and stories. So, are dragons real and do they exist in that sense?

Dragons may be found in today’s world in the shape of several species that resemble or are named after dragons. The sort of dragon we often read about or see in various types of literature, on the other hand, does not exist and has most certainly never been in our history.

There is no other creature on the planet that can compare to the dragon. This is surprising, since, as popular as dragons are, the sort of dragon that people adore almost certainly never existed in the first place. This is intriguing since, as can be seen in literature, dragons have always been a part of human history. And that is what we are here to discuss in further detail.

Do Dragons Exist?


They appear often in films, television programs, and video games. Of course, we’ve read them in a variety of genres of literature, whether it was written lately or thousands of years ago. And the most astonishing element is that these animals are mentioned in every culture, leading one to believe that it is not a coincidence.

We are, after all, discussing dragons. Because many types of literature from all over the globe depict animals that are comparable to how we characterize the common dragon, dragons have always been a part of human history. Of course, we’re talking about a big, scaly reptile that, depending on the literature, may be able to breathe fire or fly.

Whatever kind of dragon we’re talking about, the reality is that we can’t get enough of them. A dragon may be found in almost every piece of fantasy literature. Of course, in the international popular TV sensation Game of Thrones, the globe got to experience a lot of dragon action.

As much as we’d want to pretend that dragons are mythical, you should be aware that genuine dragons exist in our world today. These dragons, however, are not the type you see in movies or read about in novels. They are still dragons in certain ways, such as look.

In terms of size, the Komodo Dragon is arguably the most similar to the’real’ dragons. Because Komodo Dragons are the world’s biggest lizards, weighing up to 300 pounds, they are the world’s largest reptiles.

Komodo Dragons are enormous scaly lizards that move on all fours, much like the dragons we see or hear about. They’re also big enough to devour people and other huge creatures. They do not, however, breathe fire or fly, despite their size.

The crocodile, on the other hand, is a much bigger creature than the Komodo Dragon. Crocodiles are not lizards, although they are reptiles. However, because of their sheer size, they are more capable of consuming people and other larger creatures than the Komodo Dragon.

Saltwater crocodiles are the biggest crocodile species. The Nile Crocodile, on the other hand, comes close in terms of size. Crocodiles, like dragons, are enormous monsters capable of wreaking devastation when hungry and on the prowl.

The Ruby Seadragon, which is really a fish, is a fantastic example of a dragon that isn’t even near to how we define a “true” dragon. Ruby Seadragons are dubbed dragons because of their extended snout and lengthy bodies, which make them seem like dragons. These species, on the other hand, are fish, not lizards.

The Blue Dragon Sea Slug is another example of an animal that appears like a dragon but isn’t. This is a sea slug that floats on the ocean’s surface, as the name implies. They are named dragons because they have the appearance of flying dragons with their wings stretched wide.

Then there’s the Pink Dragon Millipede, which is similar to how Asian dragons are described in that they have incredibly lengthy bodies that resemble snakes. Pink Dragon Millipedes may be found in Thailand, and they are very young, having just been identified in 2007.

All of this is to say that although there are no ‘true’ dragons in today’s world, there are animals that resemble dragons in some manner. The closest of which, as previously said, is the Komodo Dragon, which is a gigantic reptile. Komodo Dragons, on the other hand, are more closely related to dinosaurs than to dragons.

Are There Really Dragons With Wings?


When we speak about dragons in literature, we often refer to their wings as a means of flying. As enormous since these dragons are, it seems strange that they can fly, as this may be tough to explain in terms of physics. Even so, the literary dragons have wings. Do we, on the other hand, have dragons with wings?

Yes, we do have creatures known as Flying Dragons. However, you should moderate your expectations right away since they aren’t the same flying dragons you’ve seen in movies or read about in literature.

Flying Dragons are little lizards, roughly the size of a human hand. Southeast Asia is where you’ll find them.

These lizards are known as Flying Lizards because they can spread their “wings,” which are a thin but broad coating of skin that allows them to glide through the air while hopping from one tree to another. 

In other words, Flying Dragons aren’t’real’ flying dragons. They aren’t the wingless dragons we see in movies and read about in novels, but they are winged dragons in their own right.

Are Dragons That Breathe Fire Real?

The capacity to breathe fire is another feature that is often used to characterize the dragons we see in movies or read about in novels. This basically means that these creatures have the ability to spew streams of fire from their mouths, capable of burning people and cities to the ground. Are fire-breathing dragons, on the other hand, real?

What you need know right now is that there has never been a recorded animal capable of breathing fire in the history of the planet. Here, we’re not just talking about lizards; we’re talking about any animal. This implies there aren’t any dragons who breathe fire.

There is, however, one animal that gets the closest to what humans refer to as “fire breathing.” Surprisingly, this is the Bombardier Insect, a kind of beetle.

The Bombardier Beetle doesn’t really breathe fire; instead, it produces chemicals that may cause a minor explosion, which it utilizes to ward off predators. This insect produces chemicals that combine with one other in such a unique manner that it is the closest thing we have to “fire breathing.” Still, when it comes to dragons, this isn’t the same as how we characterize fire breathing.

Where Can You Find Dragons?


If we’re talking about dragons from literature, they may be found almost everywhere, depending on the genre. 

Dragons are often described in Asian works of literature, such as those found in various Chinese and Japanese stories, as having snake-like bodies that are lengthy but lack legs. These dragons, unlike traditional dragons, are unable to fly.

Western dragons, on the other hand, are native to Europe. Dragons appear in a variety of European literature and myths, including Greek, Roman, and Norse traditions. Dragons are mentioned many times in the Bible. Then there are other myths and traditions of knights killing dragons in England and across Europe’s ancient Germanic territories.

However, when it comes to real-life dragons, the most of them may be found in Southeast Asia’s tropical areas. The Komodo Dragon may be found on Indonesia’s Komodo Islands. This is the only area on the planet where they may be found in their native habitat. Flying Dragons, on the other hand, can be found in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand.

Is It True That ‘Real’ Dragons Existed in the Past?

While the’real’ dragons that we commonly see and read about do not exist in today’s world, did they ever exist in the past?

There’s a good chance that’real’ flying and fire-breathing dragons never existed. Because there are no genuine fossil records indicating that these species lived in the past, this is the case. All we know about dragons comes from myths and traditions, and there is no historical proof that dragons existed throughout the time period of the writers of these works of literature.

So, if dragons never existed, how did people in the past come to believe they did?

Many individuals might misinterpret some species and characterize them as larger and more amazing than they really are. Consider the following scenario. If a rumor may develop and evolve as it is transmitted from one person to the next, the same can be true of historical tales.

People couldn’t adequately describe the various huge animals they saw or the fossils or bones they discovered thousands of years ago since they didn’t have any scientific technique or instrument to employ.

Because Komodo Dragons are only found in the Komodo Islands, crocodiles and alligators are the most likely culprits for ancient humans believing dragons existed. Anyone may easily misread a croc or gator as a dragon if you explain what they seem like to another person but add a little flare to the narrative. Large snakes in China and Japan, meanwhile, may have been mistaken for dragons.

However, others argue that ancient European and Asian peoples may have picked up dinosaur bones that were bigger than any animal they knew. Because they lacked the skills or means to identify such petrified bones, they may have inferred that these were dragon bones.

All of this is to say that dragons could never have existed in the past. However, individuals hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago may easily have mistook some creatures and preserved bones for dragons. Still, such legends appear too amazing and scientifically impossible to be true, especially when they depict dragons as huge reptiles capable of flying and capable of breathing fire.

Dragons are a mythological creature that has been around for many centuries. They have been described as a mix of reptile and mammal, with wings and a long serpentine body. The dragon is said to breathe fire. Reference: are dragons real in china.

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