Apex Legends Characters Guide With Hero Abilities

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. In this guide, we will be going over the abilities of each character in the game.

Apex Legends is a new game that has just been released. The game features a variety of characters with different abilities and weapons. This guide will list the character’s abilities, their strengths, weaknesses, and how to counter them.

Apex Legends was released in 2019 without any previous announcements and has since taken the gaming industry by storm. At the time, the game only featured six characters and was riddled with problems. However, more and more characters have joined Apex Legends since then. Here’s all you need to know about the Apex Legends characters.

What Is the Number of Apex Characters?

There are a total of 18 Apex personalities, each with their unique backstory and motivation for joining the Apex arena. The gameplay has nothing to do with the backstory. It does give the characters a distinct individuality.

Characters in Apex Legends at a Glance

All of these characters have unique powers that add to the enjoyment of multiplayer gaming. The following characters appear in Apex legends in 2021. 

  • Bangalore is a professional soldier who is 38 years old. On the planet Gridiron, her whole family served in the military. Apex Legends: Bangalore Edition is a DLC for the main game.
  • Bloodhound is a planet Talos-based tracker and hunter. This persona is a mix of natural and technological elements.
  • On the planet Gaea, Caustic was born. All of his powers are based on the Nox, a poisonous gas he created.
  • Tae Joon Park, aka Crypto, is a surveillance specialist. His superhuman powers allow him to hack into systems and utilize devices to defeat his foes.
  • Walter Fitzroy, often known as Fuse, is an explosive specialist with skills such as motherload, knuckle cluster, and grenadier.
  • Gibraltar is a 30-year-old figure that specializes in defense. Solace is the name of his homeworld.
  • Horizon is a 37-year-old astronomer with gravity-altering technology.  
  • The famous character Lifeline is the face of apex legends. Lifeline is a favorite character of Shroud, a well-known gamer. With all of her hero powers, Lifeline heals teammates.
  • Loba adds a touch of class to the ring. Her skills assist comrades in locating treasure and navigating tough terrain.
  • Mirage arrived from the Solace homeworld with hologram technology to deceive foes. To fool the enemy, Mirage employs holo decoys.
  • Psamathe is the homeworld of Octane. With powers like stim and launchpad, he’s also known as the high-speed daredevil.
  • Pathfinder assists his comrades in gaining high ground by using a grappling hook and a zipline gun.
  • Rampart is the Apex Legends character with the shortest lifespan. Ramya Parekh is her actual name.
  • The narrative of Revenant begins on Solace, the protagonist’s homeworld. Hammond Robotics gave him his present appearance. Nobody knows what happened to him, and no one even knows his name.
  • Seer is the most recent addition to the Apex Legends character roster. Seer was introduced in the eleventh season and costs 12,000 legend tokens.
  • Valkyrie is designed for those who like flying. She takes flight using jetpacks and fires eth missiles at her foes.
  • Wattson is one of the Apex Legends’ earliest characters. She first appears in the game’s second season. To unlock this character, you’ll need a total of 12,000 legend tokens.
  • Wraith hails from the planet Typhon and is an Interdimensional Skirmisher. The simplest version of Wraith is accessible for free.

Heroic Skills in Apex Legends Character Descriptions

The Apex Legends game character guide would be incomplete without a discussion of each character’s backstory and hero powers. Character arcs have a role in the abilities. Through these characters, these tales attempt to tie the passionate player to the game. 

Let’s take a look at each of these characters’ hero powers one by one. The official EA website has all of these character tales and abilities.

Bangalore is number one.


Character Descriptions

Anita William or Bangalore is a professional soldier who was born on the planet Gridiron. Her military family is the beginning of her background. On the planet Gridiron, all of her siblings and parents served in the army.

Her brother Jackson rescued this 38-year-old soldier. He assisted her in surviving a spacecraft collision. She was stranded on the Syndicate’s planet with no money or supplies. As a result, she continues to battle in the games in order to earn money and return to her home world. Will she ever return? Only the future will be able to tell.

She is a free character in Apex Legends that comes with the basic game for the time being. Many people utilize this character since he has over 22 legendary skins. In all game modes, including trios, arena, duos, and ranked leagues, players assume the role of this character.

The black tape of the wrecked spacecraft was made public, but there were still several unanswered questions regarding the event. The legend of Bangalore and her brother was one thing this contributed. 

This occurrence occurred in the year 2715. As a result, we have information on when the Apex games take occur.

Heroic Skills

Dedicated weapons and passive abilities are available to Banglore heroes. With their enhanced skills, all of the characters in the game have an additional flare for contributing. Although some may debate over which character is the most popular because of these skills, the majority of character abilities even things out.

Smoke Launcher: During the battle, you may launch smoke grenades. This skill aids both the offensive and defensive sides of the game. Players may utilize this ability to ambush opponents or hide from them in the fog.

Bangalore’s passive ability to move quickly through gunshot fire is known as Double Time. Not as quick as the Flash, but much faster in the Apex world.

Rolling Thunder is an airstrike that consists of several six-second delayed explosions. Bangalore fires a flare into the sky in order for these missiles to hit. The strike occurs just in front of the player’s eyes. Missiles fall to the ground and detonate after six seconds, killing all opponents in the area.

Bloodhound No. 2


Character Descriptions

Bloodhound is both a hunter and a tracker. Their tale starts on the planet Talos, in the New Dawn industrial facility. Their Uncle Porter took Bloodhound in after their parents were murdered in an accident and taught him to be a tracker hunter.

This is the character who is the most connected to nature. They grew up in a hamlet without much in the way of technology. As a result, they were ideal candidates for increasing their innate abilities, which were subsequently coupled with technology.

Bloodhound was created for the technological tracker because of his mix of technology and intuition. When Bloodhound defeated a Goliath to liberate people from dread, it was the first time this combo was used.

Heroic Skills

By creeping up on the enemy, Bloodhound’s hero powers allow them to track and hunt them down. 

Beast of the Hunt: Sense enhancer that allows you to move quicker and see concealed foes. For 30 seconds, raise the pace by 30%.

Ability to highlight opponents even through barriers and fog using the Eye of the Allfather. With this skill, you can scan up to 75 meters.

When you utilize the tracker, the footprints of the other players are displayed. This ability can trace enemy footsteps from ninety seconds ago.

3. corrosive


Character Descriptions

Caustic, the guy in a hazmat suit who uses poisonous gases to cause havoc, says, “I don’t bother myself with the aspirations of insects.” 

Caustic, also known as Alexander Nox, is a scientist who has resorted to fighting. To get rid of bugs that plagued the outlands’ crops, Nox developed his poisonous gases. Caustic worked in the Humbert laboratories, which produced poisonous gases to destroy pests.

This 48-year-old Gaea resident took up fighting in order to conduct his gas experiments on live people, his adversaries.

Caustic is accessible in Apex Legends’ champion sedition. The game’s digital money may also be used to get this character.

Heroic Skills

To gain an edge over the opponents, all of the Caustic hero skills utilize Nox as the main component.

Caustic’s ultimate power is to hurl gas grenades across a wide area, rendering opponents defenseless. The opponents suffer health damage as long as the gas is in the air. This effect is fifteen seconds long.

Caustic has nox vision, which allows him to see through the gas. This passive ability grants immunity against Nox gas generated by either the same Nox or the opposing team’s Nox.

Nox gas trap is a 13-second tactical ability that may be used to damage opponents. When fired at or triggered by a movement, this power activates the gas canisters.

4. Crypto


Character Descriptions

Tae Joon Park, better known as Crypto, is a surveillance specialist. He has surveillance drones to keep an eye on his opponent on the battlefield. His background explains why he’s looking for those who farmed him.

With his sister Mila, he worked as a computer engineer for a mercenary syndicate. Crypto, according to the official EA games website, has an algorithm that can predict the results of all Apex Legends games. 

Gaea is the name of his homeworld. 

Crypto isn’t included in the basic game, but it may be bought using digital money. 

Heroic Skills

Crypto’s skills are as well-versed in technology as he is a legend. He mostly relies on his drones for different additional abilities in order to get an advantage over his opponents. These skills enable his colleagues to triumph in any circumstance.

Drone EMP: Crypto may use his drone to shoot an Electromagnetic Pulse at his opponents, causing damage and destroying their traps. This power takes three minutes to recharge and may damage shields by fifty points.

Neurolink creates a connection between the surveillance drone and Crypto or his colleagues. All members of the team can view what the drone camera records and utilize the information to outsmart the adversaries.

Surveillance Drone: Crypto can launch a surveillance drone up to 200 meters away. If the drone is damaged, a replacement drone will be ready to fly in 40 seconds.

5. Fuse


Character Descriptions

Inside the Legends games, Walter Fitzroy is known as Fuse. He’s called Fuse because he’s an explosives specialist. In the eight seasons, Fuse was debuted in the peak games.


Fuse began his fighting career in the Bonecage bouts on Salvo’s home planet. He decided to join Apex Legends’ upper battlefield after obtaining all of the glory in the arenas.

Heroic Skills

The motherload: Detonates a cluster bomb, surprising the enemy and knocking them out.

Grenadier: Using grenades increases this ability’s effectiveness. With this passive ability, Fuse has a greater range, speed, and accuracy with the grenades. 

Knuckle cluster: A knuckle cluster is a kind of fire that produces a circle of flames around a certain location.

Gibraltar is number six.


Character Descriptions

Gibraltar is a colossal sumo wrestler who is one of the original legends. 

With a samurai ponytail and sumo wrestler-like appearance. 

This guy seems like he belongs in a Japanese story. 

This character boasts some of the game’s finest costumes. Each outfit has a higher level of intricacy than the one before it. The arm shield on the left hand is present in all of the skins. 

The figure seems to be a next-level samurai, especially with the Lost Destiny attire. 


Makoa Gibraltar was born in the town of Solace. He is 30 years old and learnt the value of rescuing others when his father lost an arm while attempting to save him following a motorbike accident.


In the legendary games, Gibraltar has made protecting the people his main goal. As a result of his skills, he is known as the master legend of defensive tactics. He serves as a second line of defense for all of his teammates.

Heroic Skills

As previously stated, Gibraltar’s hero powers all serve to safeguard the lives of his teammates. Any squad may benefit from all of the abilities: passive, tactical, and ultimate.

Gun shield: The ability to deploy an energy barrier while shooting a gun is known as gun shield. In the event of numerous directions of fire, this passive ability comes in handy.

Defensive bombardment: An ultimate power that protects him and his comrades by putting the opponent on the defensive by bombing hostile territory.

Dome of protection: Dome is a tactical ability that uses an energy barrier in the form of a dome to deflect assaults. 

Horizon No. 7


Character Descriptions

In the seventh season, Horizon was added to the Apex world. She was presented as an astrophysicist who manipulates gravity. Astrophysics is a costly field of study, and astrophysicists are in short supply. She is not included in the basic game and must be purchased separately.

Her high-tech outfit, which she wears all the time, allows her to control gravity.


Mary Somers, Ph.D. Horizon is a 37-year-old astronomer who went to a black hole in search of Branthium. She failed because her buddy deceived her. More over eighty years elapsed owing to time dilation near the black hole, and she lost her son.

This character’s motive, like that of a few others, is repetitive. Horizon is competing in famous games in order to get money. And to build a time machine to return to the past and reunite with the son. She is a native of the planet Psamathe.

Heroic Skills

Horizon’s passive ability, Spacewalk, allows her to leap from tremendous heights without suffering harm.

Horizon’s tactical ability, gravity lift, allows him to be both defensive and offensive in various circumstances. This ability is used to pull opponents off their feet and into the air, causing them to lose ground control. She has the ability to pull her partner to higher terrain and buildings. By lifting and blasting her opponents in mid-air, she may supersize them.

The power to generate a black hole that suffocates opponents. She can do a significant amount of harm to the opponent while doing so.

Lifeline (nine)


Character Descriptions

Lifeline is one of the most popular and oldest characters in the Apex arena, with over sixty skins. Her distinctive equipment and hovering drone may be observed in every Apex Legends battle wherever online.

Lifeline is a battlefield medic who believes that the best way to win is to never give up. Her background depicts a highly driven individual who decided to become a doctor in order to undo the harm inflicted by her family.

She serves as a doctor for her colleagues in the Apex Legends gaming arena. She makes her drone accessible to anybody in need of healing.

Heroic Skills

Care package: This is the ultimate power to summon a medical pod equipped with defensive gear.

Combat medic: With this passive skill, Lifeline may heal a teammate while fighting opponents at the same time.

The DOC heal drone is a tactical skill that makes Lifeline the Apex games’ Lifeline. Her DOC drone continues to heal her comrades in the background without interfering with her movement.

9. Loba


Character Descriptions

Loba is all about opulence and looting. Loba Andrade is her actual name, and her homeworld is unknown. Her tale begins with her family being murdered by the Revenant legend. When she placed her touch on the teleportation bracelet that allows her to go to the adjacent buried treasure, her life changed forever.

Loba entered the Apex games arena by trailing Revenant. Her only purpose in life is to assassinate Revenant, and there is no better location to do it than the gaming arena.

Loba is a free character in the champions edition. This character was induced in the arena in the season 5 in the basic edition. With 12 thousand legend tokens, you may unlock Loba in the basic game.

Heroic Skills

Eye of quality: The Eye of quality highlights different degrees of epic and legendary treasure. This power has a range of 110 meters or more.

Loba’s ultimate skill is the Black market boutique, which takes two minutes to charge. Loba and her companions may utilize teleportation to locate nearby treasure. One drawback of this ability is that opponents may utilize the same teleportation channel as you.

Loba’s tactical talent allows her to utilize her bracelet to teleport to a nearby landing spot, making her a burglar’s closest buddy. This ability has a thirty-second cooldown period. Her bracelet enables her to access areas where other talents are ineffective.

Mirage (nine)


Character Descriptions

Mirage is a holographic trickster that deceives opponents using decoys. You will see him approaching, but not just once. To deceive his foes, Mirage employs his mother’s Holo-Pilot technology. 

He worked with his mum to develop the technology while also working as a bartender. He eventually joined the Apex games. On the homeworld of Solace, he is thirty years old and goes by the name Elliott Witt.

Heroic Skills

Mirage’s hero powers are all based on Holo technology. 

Now you see me: I have the ability to cloak while healing and respawning my comrades.

The life of the party is made up of decoys who join the genuine Mirage to deceive their foes.

Psyche out: A single holographic decoy is used to outwit the adversaries.

octane 11


Character Descriptions

Octane is one of the game’s most powerful characters. As a result, this character is one of the most well-known among gamers. Because of his ability to move quickly and perform crazy things with a launchpad, Octane is known as a high-speed daredevil. 

Octavio Silva is a stuntman who was born on the planet Psamathe. Silva Pharmaceuticals’ CEO was his father. Because he blew his legs while receiving a speed boost from a bomb to win a race, the character possesses distinctive characteristics of metallic legs.

Octane is constantly pumped up on adrenaline, and he was getting tired of the same old tricks. As a result, he chose to enter the Apex Legends arena. Here, it has become one of his most important opponents.

Heroic Skills

Stim: By spending health points, you may travel quicker.

Swift mend: The ability to heal over time automatically is one of the most beneficial hero skills in the game. The explanation for the character’s popularity among gamers.

Octane and his comrades use the launchpad to leap into the air for the assault from above.

Pathfinder is number twelve.


Character Descriptions

Pathfinder is a svelte robot with a kind face. He is a mobile robotic creature with a wide range of abilities intended to conduct reconnaissance missions. He wants to become well-known in the Apex games so he can track down his creator.

Heroic Skills

Insider information: Pathfinder has a passive ability that allows him to accurately anticipate the following circle.

Zipline gun: Ziplines, like grappling hooks, are permanent. These ziplines may be used by his teammates to go to higher terrain.

Pathfinder may use the grappling hook, which is similar to the grappling hook in Call Of Duty, to reach high places or flee from danger.

Rampart No. 13


Character Descriptions

Ramya Parekh is a modder on Gaea, her homeworld. She’s one of the newer legends with a keen eye for combat gear. She was a successful businesswoman until she was stolen and forced to become a game fighter.

Heroic Skills

Her ultimate ability, “Emplaced Minigun,” placed a machine gun that teammates may use.

Loader that has been modified LMG and minigun power is increased.

Amped cover: Uses a shield similar to the one used in Call Of Duty. This is a more sophisticated version that allows you to amp up the bullets and block opponent attacks.

Revenant (#14)


Character Descriptions

I imagine Revenant would look like if the famous symbol from the Pirates of the Caribbean could come to life. Revenant is an android with a pirate bandana and a robot with a human mentality. His outfit’s signature brown hue, along with matching metallic paint, makes him a fearsome killer.

This provided a chance for the developers to create some amazing costumes for this character. There are over sixty costumes available for use with Revenant, both free and purchased.


Revenant, according to his bio, is a manufactured nightmare for his foes. His tale begins on Solace, his homeworld. Hammond Robotics gave him his present appearance. Nobody knows what happened to him, and no one even knows his name.

After a programming error let him to view his reality, he began fighting to murder his opponents.

Heroic Skills

Revenant is a slim and light robot, and his powers are based on such characteristics.

Stalker: Revenant possesses the ability to climb and leap without exerting much effort as a passive skill. This ability allows him to sneak up on his opponents for a surprise strike. He is, after all, a cunning android.

When the player’s health is reduced to zero, the death totem returns them to the totem’s position.

Silence is a tactical skill that renders opponents powerless, allowing them to utilize their abilities while causing harm.

15. Seer


Character Descriptions

Seer is the most recent addition to the Apex Legends character roster. Seer was introduced in the eleventh season and costs 12,000 legend tokens. Obi Edolasim is his actual name, and his homeworld is Boreas.

Season 10 of Apex Legends saw the introduction of Seer.


His origins are on the planet Boreas, where he was born a cursed kid. His skills were evident in the Arena games, which led to his being recruited for the Apex games.

Heroic Skills

Heart seeker: The ability to hear the enemy’s heartbeats.

Exhibit: The ultimate power to use drones to detect the enemy’s location.

Tactical ability to frighten opponents with micro drone bursts is the focus of emphasis.

Valkyrie (number 16)


Character Descriptions

Kairi Imahara is Valkyrie’s actual name. Angelia is the name of her homeworld. Her skills include Skyward Dive, Missile Swarm, and VTOL Jets, and she is thirty years old. Despite the fact that she is the winged avenger, she seems to be the polar opposite of Nebula in the Marvel world. 

Her father isn’t a Titan, and she isn’t a robot. She has metallic wings for flight and a missile launcher for annihilating her foes. She appears like the human counterpart of Bumblebee with her famous yellow suit and reflector specs.

Valkyrie has over fifty costumes that are compatible. She looks like an anime character in several of her skins.


Valkyrie lost her father when she was a kid and grew up aboard a ship. She began looting cargos at night and eventually became an outlaw. 

For many years, Kuben Blisk, her father’s assassin, was her main objective. She joined the legend games using Blisk’s card after shooting him.

Heroic Skills

Valkyrie’s hero powers elevate her to the status of Death from Above.

Missile swarm: Her launchers fire a swarm of missiles. These missiles may be launched from the ground or from the air.

VTOL jets: VTOL jet packs allow her to soar beyond the level of her opponents and offer her a height edge. Her jetpacks and missiles work together to offer her an advantage over her foes.

She may propel herself and dive towards the desired spot to cover a large distance in little time.

Wattson is number seventeen.


Character Descriptions

Wattson is one of the Apex Legends’ earliest characters. She first appeared in the game’s second season. To unlock this character, you’ll need a total of 12,000 legend tokens. Alternatively, you may get this character by purchasing the game’s champion edition.

Her homeworld, like Gibraltar and Revenant, is Solace. Her everyday attire consists of a pair of combat trousers and a climbing jacket. 

The Modified Containment Ring was invented by Natalie Paquette, an electrical engineer. Because she is the one who constructed the arena where all of the fights take place, this woman becomes extremely significant in the Apex Legends narrative. After her father died, she began to participate in the legendary games’ battles.

Heroic Skills

Despite being one of the game’s oldest characters. The hero’s skills, however, make her less well-known in the Apex community. In the defensive lines, she possesses all of the hero powers.

Spark of brilliance is a passive ability that aids in the enhancement of her ultimate hero ability, the Pylon.

Interception pylon: Her ultimate ability is interception pylon. All of her abilities are based on the manipulation of electricity, and the intercepting pylon kills everything that tries to harm her.

Perimeter security installed an electric fence around her to keep the approaching gang of attackers at bay. This ability is utilized for tactical movements in confined areas. For gates and tight passageways, this is the best option.

Wraith, number 18 


Character Guide

Wraith is another myth from Typhon’s homeworld. Renee Blasey is her actual identity, and her goal is to learn about her history via the Apex games.

Hero Abilities

Ability to utilize a dimensional rift to open portals and connect various places for the squad to use.

Voices from the Void: A passive ability that gives you an alert when an opponent is approaching.

Into the Void: This ability reduces damage by traveling quickly across void areas.

What Apex Character Has Been Used the Most?

Octane, Pathfinder, Lifeline, and Wraith are the most popular Apex legendary characters. Despite this, the designers have made every effort to make all of the characters equal. Nonetheless, these characters provide players with tactical and passive benefits.

Who is the Apex Character with the Fewest Appearances?

In the legendary arena, both Revenant and Crypto are the least utilized characters. Both of these characters suffer from the flaws of a poor hero and a bad plot. All of the Apex Legends have something unique and intriguing about them, whether it’s their powers or their backstories. It’s simply that some of them are more well-known than others.

The best apex legends characters is a guide that gives players insight into each of the characters in Apex Legends. It also includes information on their abilities, weapons, and ultimate attacks.

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