America’s Most Wanted Returns In March With A New Host

America’s Most Wanted will return to Fox with renowned journalist Elizabeth Vargas as its new host. America’s Most Wanted first premiered in 1998 and ran on Fox for 25 seasons. The original show was hosted by John Walsh for the entirety of its run. AMW was said to have caught over 1,200 of America’s most dangerous criminals thanks to the awareness the show brought to their cases.

Deadline confirmed that the America’s Most Wanted reboot will premiere on Fox in March. The show returns 10 years after its initial cancelation. This updated version of the reality TV series will use the new technology that has cropped up over time to its advantage. Vargas will use the crowdsourcing powers of social media along with her team of experts from the FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, and Secret Service to harness information on and catch America’s most wanted criminals. Crime reenactments have been made over with augmented reality technology, pinpoint map tracking, and 3D life-size avatars.  The series will also feature a new segment that focuses on smaller and more localized crime to aid law enforcement.

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Even though the reboot slightly deviates from the original series, former host Walsh is “excited” for and supports the show’s return. AMW will still have the same goals in mind as its predecessor – to capture America’s most dangerous criminals with the help of the public eye. The show will also run in the same format as the original with crime reenactment and input from law enforcement experts. The show will still focus on capturing criminals guilty of a wide array of crimes including murder, fraud, theft, kidnapping, and sex trafficking. The America’s Most Wanted reboot will even be bringing back some unsolved cases from the original series. AMV joins the list of Fox reboots viewers can look forward to.

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