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The 36th Mar del Plata International Film Festival has been taking place since 1947. This year, it includes 70 countries and is hosting 1288 films from 35 nations across the world. The festival will take place between October 31st to November 10th with many events throughout Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires.

The “mar del plata international film festival submission” is a film festival that celebrates the presence of Asian cinema in Latin America. It was founded by filmmaker and producer Mario Pergolini, who wanted to create a space for Asian filmmakers and audiences to meet and exchange ideas.


These are the Asian films that will be played at the 36th Mar del Plata International Film Festival, which will take place online and in theaters in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, from November 18th to 28th, 2021.

Competition on a global scale

1629729805_465_15-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-23rd-Seoul-InternationalKim Min-young of Lim Jisun and Lee Jae-Report eun’s Card – South Korea | 2021 – 94 minutes

Jeonghee, who is 20 years old, does not attend college and works part-time. For the first time in a long time, she travels to see Minyoung, her former high school roommate. However, Minyoung, a college student, is preoccupied with sending credit adjustment emails and is uneasy about Jeonghee’s arrival. (Mubi)



Competition in an Alternate State

1636406365_594_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93Payal Kapadia’s A Night of Knowing Nothing – France, India | 2021 – 96 minutes

L is a Film and Television Institute of India student (FTII). She fell in love with K and the two intended to marry, but K had to return to his hometown, and the lovers were apart. (IMDb)



Auteurs – Panorama

1632899465_260_22-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-26th-Busan-InternationalRyusuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car – Japan | 2021 – 179 minutes

An elderly, widower actor is looking for a chauffeur. The star seeks help from his trusted mechanic, who ends up referring him to a 20-year-old female. Despite their reservations at first, the two form an extremely close bond. (Mubi)



1636406369_553_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93Hong Sangsoo’s In Front of Your Face – South Korea | 2021 – 85 minutes

She maintains her everyday life with mindfulness while keeping a terrible secret hidden from herself, and she chooses to meet with a younger director who has invited her to join his project, and there is unexpected rain and thunder shortly after they meet. (Filmaffinity)



1633313083_73_20-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-34th-Tokyo-InternationalApichatpong Weerasethakul’s Memoria 2021 – 136 minutes | Colombia, Thailand, France, Germany, México, Qatar

In Bogota, an orchid grower pays a visit to her sick sister. She becomes pals with a French archaeologist in charge of the building project and a teenage musician while she’s there. She is woken up every night by increasingly loud bangs, which prohibit her from sleeping. (Mubi)



Sea of Children (Panorama)

1634351617_686_6-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-23rd-Bucheon-InternationalAyumu Watanabe’s Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko – Japan | 2021 – 97 minutes

Based on the same-titled “human drama” book about a woman called Nikuko and her daughter, Kikuko, who live on a boat. The tale recounts their lives and their development. (Mubi)



1636406375_144_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93Lee Ji-Kids won’s Are Fine – South Korea | 2021 – 103 minutes

Da Yi, who is nine years old, is aware that his mother is going to leave, so he went on a covert journey with his pals to say their last goodbyes. (Mubi)



Zero Hour

1636406378_174_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93Kwon Oh-Midnight seung’s – South Korea | 2021 – 103 minutes

In the suspenseful and exciting MIDNIGHT, the dramatic story of a Deaf lady and the serial murderer who has miscalculated his opponent, explore the tortuous nocturnal lanes of Seoul. (Mubi)



1636406380_600_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93Chae Yeo-Shark: jun’s The Beginning – South Korea | 2021 – 108 minutes

Cha Woo Sol, a victim of school violence who was imprisoned in a boys’ jail due to an unanticipated occurrence, encounters mixed martial arts champion Jeong Do Hyeon and pushes him to his limits one by one in order to get vengeance on his aggressor. (IMDb)



Retrospective on Machiko Ky

1636406382_356_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93A Woman’s Testament / Jokyo | 1960 – 100 minutes | Japan | Kozaburo Yoshimura, Yasuzô Masumura, Kon Ichikawa

Three Parts to a Film The first tale is about a beautiful young lady who works at a nightclub in Tokyo. Her strategy for securing a secure financial future is doubly effective. In the second scenario, an unethical real estate salesperson hires a pretty young lady to persuade male customers to invest in worthless property. The last tale is about a widowed geisha who is financially well and falls in love with a forger. (FILMAFFINITY)

1636406384_63_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93Yasujiro Ozu’s Floating Weeds / Ukigusa – Japan | 1959 – 119 minutes

Komajuro (Ganjiro Nakamura) is the leader of a touring kabuki troop that plays throughout the provinces. His mistress, Sumiko, as well as the other senior performers, are devoted to him. The company arrives at a beach town. Komajuro pays a visit to a lady who owns and operates a saki bar. Her name is Oyoshi (Haruko Sugimura), and she gave birth to the actor’s son years ago. He is now Kiyoshi (Hiroshi Kawaguchi), a gorgeous young man who works at the post office and has been informed that Komajuro is his uncle. The elderly actor is proud of his kid but ashamed to acknowledge he is his father. He tries to keep the truth hidden, but Sumiko finds out. (FILMAFFINITY)

1636406386_288_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93Kon Ichikawa’s The Key / Kagi (Japan, 1959) | 105 minutes

A middle-aged guy sets out to discover a means to revive his dwindling virility. (FILMAFFINITY)

1636406388_940_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93Teinosuke Kinugasa’s Gate of Hell / Jigokumon – Japan | 1953 – 89 minutes

During an attempted coup in 1350, one of the court’s ladies in waiting disguises herself as the lord’s wife and is transported from the city by a loyal samurai. The royal family is able to flee thanks to this distraction. Following the failure of the attempt, the samurai requests that his master allow him to marry the lady as a reward. The lord agrees, only to find out that she is already married to one of the royal family’s lieges. The samurai clings to his desire, pleading with her to leave her husband and then defying him to do so. Despite the fact that her husband remains calm and she remains devoted, the samurai remains inebriated and defiant, with disastrous results. (FILMAFFINITY)

1636406390_735_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93Mikio Naruse’s film Ani Imouto (Older Brother, Younger Sister) was released in Japan in 1953 and runs for 93 minutes.

Akaza and his wife Riki, who live in a hamlet outside Tokyo, are concerned about their children’s future. Inokichi, the oldest, is a womanizer and a gambler. Mon, the older sister, has moved to Tokyo, and the parents are attempting to marry off their younger daughter, San, to a local shopkeeper. When Mon returns home one day with the news that she is pregnant, Inokichi loses control and attacks the sister with whom he had always been so close. (FILMAFFINITY)

1636406392_588_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93Kenji Mizoguchi’s Ugetsu / Ugetsu monogatari – Japan | 1953 – 97 minutes

Two ambitious peasants strive to build their fortunes during the civil conflicts of 16th century Japan. Genjuro, a potter, plans to sell his goods in the nearby city for a large profit, while his brother-in-law Tobei aspires to be a warrior. (FILMAFFINITY)

1636406394_995_36vo-Festival-Internacional-de-Cine-de-Mar-del-Plata-%E2%80%93Kozaburo Yoshimura’s Tales of Genji / Genji monotagari – Japan | 1951 – 124 minutes

Based on Murasaki Shikibu’s renowned work, which was written over 1000 years ago. Genji, the emperor’s son, is well-known among Kyoto’s nobles for his charm and fine looks, but he can’t seem to stop himself from seeking the one thing he must never have: his father’s young and lovely wife. Genji goes from one affair to the next, constantly seeking some type of conclusion to his life, as a result of the fatal results of his passion. (FILMAFFINITY)

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The “russian international film festival” is the 36th Mar del Plata International Film Festival. The festival takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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