25 Movies Like American Pie: Dirty Hot Comedies

There are certain types of people who love comedies. They laugh at everything, they’re hilarious and their favorite movies include Dirty Hot Hollywood Comedies like American Pie which is exactly what it sounds like. From The Hangover to Knocked Up, these films always have the audience in stitches while providing excellent visuals for comedic effects.

The “movies like american pie girls’ rules” is a list of 25 movies that are similar to the American Pie films. The list includes comedies, dramas, and romantic films.

If you appreciate the cult comedy American Pie and want to watch more nasty and sexy flicks like it, you’ve come to the correct spot. In this post, we’ll show you even more insane amusing flicks that will make you cry with laughter. These are the finest films that are similar to American Pie, and you should not miss them.

You may anticipate a lot of liquor, sex, pleasure, and other things that young people adore. Of course, school is pushed to the background since who wants to worry about it when their hormones are out of control? Check them out, and if you’re having friends over for a movie night, surprise them with one of these American Pie-inspired films.

25 Films That Are Similar to American Pie

The Virgin of 40 Years (2005)


Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) is a middle-aged guy who never quite matured. He lives in his own world and works at an electronics shop, surrounded by his comic books and action hero figurines. But he’s content with his lot in life and plays the cards he’s been dealt, until his coworkers David (Paul Rudd), Jay (Romany Malco), and Cal (Seth Rogen) uncover a major secret: he’s never slept with a woman.

They decide to assist a buddy locate a lady eager to have sex with Andy after being horrified by this revelation. After a string of disastrous dates, Andy finds a ray of light when he meets Trish (Catherine Keener), a stunning single mother whom Andy adores at first sight.

Traveling by car (2000)


If you’ve dared to cheat on your girlfriend and made no attempt to keep it a secret from her, you’ll need the one thing that can rescue you — “Road Trip”! Cheating follows a set of basic guidelines. If you’re in a committed relationship and have sex with someone else, it’s not cheating if you’re in separate zip codes. It’s not cheating if you’re too intoxicated to remember it, or even if you’re in bed with two people since they cancel each other out. It’s cheating, though, if you taped your accomplishment and then mistakenly emailed the video to your girlfriend.

This is precisely what occurred to Josh (Breckin Meyer), who would go on a 1,800-mile trek to Texas with three buddies in order to salvage his relationship.

Van Wilder is a liaison between the two parties (2002)


Van Wilder, a recent graduate in his seventh year of study, likes a happy student life and would never want to quit his studies. And why would he do that? All the ladies want him, and all the boys want to be like him. He’s the most popular man in college. Van establishes his own company, arranging and organizing the wildest parties that any college has ever seen, when his father “goes insane” and significantly “cuts” money in order to push him to finally complete his studies.

Drive for sex (2008)


Ian (Josh Zuckerman) is 18 years old and believes he is the world’s last virgin. He works at a doughnut store in a mall, and his elder brother Rex (James Mardsen), who has no issue “getting broads,” serves as a reminder of all he lacks. Even his younger brother is better at seducing women than he is — he has managed to woo Felicia, the woman of his dreams (Amanda Crew).

Ian eventually decides to look for the girl on the internet. He meets the lovely blonde Ms. Tasty (Katrina Bowden) on an internet dating site, and she agrees to be his first date. She’s flirty, sultry, and everything Ian has ever desired in a woman. Because Ms. Tasty resides in Knoxville, the only thing that separates Ian and his first sexual encounter is 500 miles.

EuroTrip is a European travel agency (2004)


No genuine Europeans were harmed in the creation of this humorous comedy about a gang of debauched buddies looking for love adventures on the ancient continent. Scotty Thomas (Scott Mechlowicz) was dumped by his girlfriend Fiona after high school because of the rock star, and to make things worse, a letter from a German buddy with whom he corresponded proposed a meeting.

When his clever younger brother informs him that his online buddy is truly a friend, and that she is quite attractive, he chooses to go to Europe with three friends, where the happy quartet prepares to spend a wonderful summer. That is exactly how it will be.

Back to the Future (2003)


Mitch Martin (Luke Wilson) discovers that his girlfriend Heidi (Juliette Lewis) is an insatiable nymphomaniac who has been cheating on him for a long time when he returns from a business trip. Mitch moves into a new home on the outskirts of the local college in order to forget about their time together as quickly as possible.

Soon after, his pals Frank Ricard (Will Ferrell) and Beanie Campbell (Vince Vaughn), who are also dealing with personal issues, begin to stay at the home more often. Beanie is a family guy who can never forget his wild and chaotic childhood, and Frank is a former party king who, despite his wife, refuses to give up unrestricted amusement.

Beanie soon comes up with an unusual plan: the three of them will join a fraternity in Mitch’s new home! The plan succeeds, and the home becomes a hub of college fun, until a new dean, Pritchard (Jeremy Piven), sets out to make friends, recalling their indiscretions from his own student days.

The Next-Door Girl (2007)


While his more popular classmates are having a wild time celebrating their senior year, Matthew Kidman (E. Hirsch) takes things very seriously and responsibly, to to the delight of his proud mother (D. Bullock) and father (T. Bottoms).

His ambition is to become a prominent politician, with outstanding grades and acceptance to a top institution. So he’s already taking the correct steps by ensuring that his underprivileged Cambodian classmate Samnang (U. Lee) attends school in the United States. Danielle (E. Cuthbert), a new neighbor, catches his eye one evening.

Matthew loses his focus while dreaming about a lovely girl, but he is in for a huge shock when he learns that Danielle is a former porn actress.

Approved (2006)


They fool their parents and their surroundings by “founding” the renowned South Harmon Institute of Technology with the help of their notorious buddies. Just as they’ve gotten used to their new jobs, B and his colleagues discover they’ve done an excellent job: a slew of other high school grads who were rejected by other institutions are flocking to this institute in droves. With his future in jeopardy, Bartleby will need more than a smidgeon of dexterity to get out of jail, charm a lady, please his parents, and simply become “Accepted.”

Unacceptably terrible (2007)


A cautionary tale about the maturation of two socially maladapted guys as they approach the conclusion of high school. They are absurdly reliant on one other, but when they begin to attend separate institutions, they are forced to consider life without the other.

Evan (Michael Cera) is charming, intelligent, and afraid of terror most of the time. Seth (Jonah Hill) is a knucklehead who is impetuous and preoccupied with the subject of human sexuality. This is the tale of their terrible efforts in a single frightened evening… a horrific, embarrassing evening that will make you laugh for the rest of your life… to reverse their absolutely disastrous connection with females, which has followed them throughout their lives.

Knocked Down (2007)


Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl), an E! TV showbiz journalist, has just been promoted. She plans a night out with her elder sister Debbie to celebrate her business success (Leslie Mann). They encounter the inebriated Ben Stone in the club (Seth Rogen). While Alison converses with Ben, Debbie accepts her husband’s request to return home, leaving Alison and Ben alone to dance and toast late into the night.

Alison discovers she is pregnant after a wild night with a fully inebriated, cheery couple. When Ben learns the good news, he and his girlfriend decide to remain together and create a family. Ben, above all, has to mature and begin acting more responsibly.

Porky’s is a restaurant in New York City (1981)


In 1954, a group of Florida high school boys attempt to assist a friend lose his virginity, prompting them to seek vengeance on a sleazy nightclub owner and his redneck sheriff brother for pestering them.

Thrilling Film (2000)


Drew (Carmen Elektra), a student, is the only one in the home. She gets a strange phone call out of nowhere. She has the impression that someone is observing her. In her yard, a guy wearing a white mask and a black hood stands. In one hand, he has a knife, and in the other, he holds a cellphone… Another student, Cindy (Anna Faris), and a group of befuddled pals believe they are being pursued by a strange murderer.

Scary Movie is a fast-paced spoof of every horror, thriller, and adolescent film released in the previous ten years. This film adds aspects of the horror classics Friday the 13th and Halloween to 90s megahits like Scream, Sixth Sense, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and many more. There’s also some sexual provocation, a dash of young excess, and a lovely blonde student, so it’s all set for a wonderful spoof.

Project X is a government-funded initiative that aims (2012)


From the filmmaker of The Hangover, we can anticipate nothing but the finest entertainment. This time, they immerse us in the realm of the wildest adolescent gatherings.

To gain popularity, three high school seniors are arranging a birthday party. Things spiral out of control as the night unfolds, and news of a wonderful party travels rapidly.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to wait (1998)


Huntington Hills High School’s newest class just graduated. Graduation is marked by a large celebration held in one apartment. Preston, who has been secretly in love with the gorgeous and unreachable Amanda for years, arrives at the party. Preston views Amanda’s breakup with her sports-obsessed boyfriend, Mike, as a chance to finally tell her how he feels. Mike and William, the class’s primary nerd, have some unresolved issues. Kenny, despite being white, disguises himself as a black man in order to lose his virginity to one of the females there.

21 Jump Street is a video game created by 21 Jump Street (2012)


Schmidt (J. Hill) and Jenko (C. Tatum) met in the police academy after graduating from high school and later became partners. They are young and seem to be high school students, and their mission is to infiltrate drug dealer groups in order to discover who provides synthetic narcotics to youngsters.

Next-door neighbors (2014)


The young family is overjoyed to have new neighbors. They’re charming, youthful, and… members of the local college fraternity that throws the finest parties! As their lives spin out of control, bewildered parents and their young child strive to adapt to their new circumstances while simultaneously trying to stop the “joyous” neighbors from demolishing the whole neighborhood and driving them as far away from home and society as possible.

Ridgemont High School is a fast-paced environment (1982)


Stacy Hamilton (J. Jason Leigh) is a rich California adolescent who attends Ridgemont High School and works as a waitress in her leisure time. Linda (P. Cates) works in the same restaurant as her, and since she has more experience with young guys than she has, she frequently advises her on how to act in a masculine environment.

Linda, for example, loves her colleague Mark Ratner (B. Backer) and would want to go out with him. Jeff Spicoli (S. Penn), a pleasant, albeit cranky, student at their school, solely fantasizes about being a surfing champion and consuming marijuana. That is why he is at odds with Mr. Hand (R. Walston), an American history professor who has long believed that all students are there for pleasure rather than to study.

Mary Has a Special Place in My Heart (1997)


When Ted (B. Stiller) is invited to the prom by the most beautiful girl in school, Mary Jensen (C. Diaz), who is inspired by his dedication to her mentally challenged brother Warren, his lifetime goal comes true (W. Earl Brown). When Ted finds up in the hospital instead of dancing, the ideal night turns into a nightmare.

Ted, now a prominent writer, is still thinking about Mary 13 years after the humiliating encounter. Dom employs a private investigator to search her down in Florida at the advice of his closest buddy (C. Elliott).

Detective Pat Healy (M. Dillon), on the other hand, falls in love with Mary and tells Ted that she’s so humiliated that it’s pointless to hunt for her. While Pat tries his hardest to win her love, Ted follows his heart and heads to Florida. He gets into conflict with the cops along the way when he offers a ride to a cop who leaves a dead corpse in his vehicle.

When he eventually locates Mary, the reunion brings up old emotions. The only issue is that he isn’t the only one, since Mary has a slew of other suitors.

It’s a Risky Business (1983)


Meet Joel Goodsen, a dedicated seventeen-year-old student, a respectable and trustworthy son… Lana is a young, attractive, choosy woman with a lot of life experience.

Joel (Tom Cruise) has two ambitions in life: to attend college and to have sex, both of which have remained a dream for him so far. Joel’s parents, on the other hand, go on vacation and leave their home in his care. Every parent’s fear and a very perilous enterprise is what Lana (Rebecca De Mornay) would teach Joel about sex and the new age’s free initiative.

Harold and Kumar are a couple. Visit White Castle (2004)


Harold Lee (John Cho) and Kumar Patel (Kal Penn), two dissatisfied males and closest friends and roommates, use marijuana in their flat and get hungry. After seeing an advertising for the White Castle fast-food restaurant on television, they develop a craving for juicy burgers.

They then ask their two Jewish pals, Rosenberg (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Goldstein (David Krumholtz), to join them, but they decline because they want to see a movie in which Katie Holmes exposes her breasts. When Harold and Kumar go out to eat, they find that the restaurant is closed. A 45-minute trip will take you to another restaurant in the same network.

Ted is a man of many talents (2012)


John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), a lonely youngster, wanted Ted a giant teddy bear for Christmas. Ted appeared out of nowhere and quickly became John’s closest buddy. Following the first shock, the boy’s parents became used to the plush animal acting as if it were alive. But they weren’t the only ones who were taken aback; Ted quickly became a worldwide celebrity.

Today, John is an adult, although immature, who lives a hedonistic lifestyle with Ted, while being in a relationship with coworker Lori Collins (Mila Kunis). Growing up brings every guy to the point when he must pick between a dream lady and an unrivaled fun teddy bear.

The Nerds’ Revenge (1984)


Gilbert (Anthony Edwards) and Louis (Robert Carradine), two benign nerds, entered their first year of education at Adams College unknowing that the struggles that awaited them were not merely intellectual in nature.

When members of the Alpha Beta fraternity and the football team are displaced due to a fire, they locate a new home in a house where Gilbert, Louis, and his pals sleep, forcing them to sleep in the gym, at least until the basketball season starts.

Louis’ falling in love with the popular Betty Childs (Julie Montgomery), the girlfriend of one of the sportsmen, adds to the tension. To protect themselves from the bullies, the two pals band up with other geeks and begin plotting vengeance.

A simple A (2010)


When word comes out that Olive Penderghast (Stone), an otherwise likeable high school girl, lied about losing her innocence, she starts to feel that her life is unfolding in the same way as the main character in the novel “The Scarlet Letter,” which she is reading at the same time. To the astonishment of many, Olive will soon decide to utilize the rumor to boost her social and financial standing.

Summer in the United States is wet and hot (2001)


The year is 1981, and it is the last day of Camp Firewood’s operation. Of course, this implies that the camp’s visitors and staff will try their best to complete the task at hand or participate in a brief romance.

The Late Starter (2016)


Jenny, a botanist, and Owen, her lover, are on the hunt for a rare exotic orchid that blossoms in the presence of real love, according to mythology. Jenny is invited by her mother to sell the house and must pick up her belongings, so she travels to her birthplace with an orchid that requires continual care.

The “movies like road trip” is a list of 25 movies that are similar to American Pie. These films, while not the same genre, are comedies with an emphasis on sex and comedy.

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