15 Best Chainsaw Man Characters Ranked

The chainsaw is one of the most iconic weapons in video games. Here are 15 chain saw wielding characters ranked by how badass they are!

The “strongest chainsaw man characters” are ranked by how much they can cut through wood, metal, or flesh.

Chainsaw Man, a manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, is a unique example of how a brutal animation may become popular. Denji’s narrative has grown fairly famous, and the manga, the first part of which was completed in 2020, will soon be turned into anime format, which, according to the teaser, will be adult and retain the majority of the manga’s gore. Now, in anticipation of the anime, we’ve compiled a list of the franchise’s top Chainsaw Man characters.

The following is a list of the 15 finest Chainsaw Man characters to appear in the manga so far. Because the anime (with its potential changes) has yet to be released, we’ll only be referring to the manga as the source. You’ll learn a little bit about the characters, and you’ll be able to figure out why we rated them the way we did.

Characters with the Best Chainsaw Man

We’ve compiled a list of 15 personalities for you, rated according to how excellent, important, and well-developed they are. You’ll receive some basic information as well as a rating for each of them.

Kishibe, No. 15


The organization’s most powerful demon hunter. He is scarred and cynical, and he is older than most other hunters. In his youth, he was linked with Quanxi and trains Denji and Power. He plots against Makima in the shadows.

Darkness Devil (#14)


When Denji, along with numerous other devil hunters and assassins, is sent to Hell by the Hell Devil, the Darkness Devil makes his debut appearance. He walks up to the freshly transferred people after emerging through a door in Heaven.

Some of the combatants prepare to confront him, but he disarms them with some strange magical power and croaks like a frog. The Puppet Devil gives the Chainsaw Devil’s heart in return for the ability to slay Makima via Tolka. The Darkness Devil complies with the request by giving Tolka’s master on Earth a chunk of its body, which she consumes.

13. Fiend of Violence


The surprisingly pleasant and courteous Violence Demon with great power and the ability to morph into a more horrific form each time he removes his mask. He retains the most of his human brain, which allows him to recall things from his prior existence, which is rare for Demon.

12. Samurai Sword/Katana Man


The Katana Man is a self-centered and ruthless individual. He’s just interested in murdering Denji and making him confess for killing the Katana Man’s grandpa. To accomplish so, he sacrifices innocent people, including his own friends, who he is prepared to sacrifice in order to reach Denji. He dismisses Denji’s explanation that he murdered his grandpa because he was a zombie and accuses him of lying.

Gun Devil (#11)


The Gun Devil’s body resembles a floating humanoid figure with numerous building-sized weapons for arms, a crudely skeletonized torso stuffed with disembodied screaming heads, and a gigantic gun barrel emerging from its skull-like face when summoned by the President of the United States. The bottom half of the Gun Devil’s body is likewise absent, replaced with six long, massive ammunition belts hooked to the Gun Devil’s chest.

Both of his arms seem to be mostly made up of M4 carbines, although he also has additional assault guns in his possession. The AK-47, M16A1, and Mk18 assault rifles are among them. The weapons in both arms look to be the same. The slide and barrel of a huge M1911 with the hammer missing look to resemble the Gun Devil’s head. Any weaponry put on his back are untraceable.

Santa Claus is number ten.


Denji was pursued by one of the assassins. Santa Claus is introduced as a German elderly guy, but it is subsequently discovered that he is a moniker for a variety of persons, with the true body being a Russian lady referred to as “teacher” by his pupil Tolka, whom he also transforms into a body for her. The instructor has a contract with the Demon Doll, and she can transform individuals into dolls under her control, who then become part of Santa’s hive’s consciousness.

In return for the ability to murder Makima, she plots to send Denji and numerous hunters to Hell as sacrifices to the Demon of Darkness. A flaming Denji defeats her, and one of Quanxi’s lovers, the Demon of the Cosmos, destroys her psyche.

Pochita (nine)


Pochita, unlike other demons, only communicated by barking and whimpering like a dog. He is able to converse with Denji in his head after fusing with him. He talks with Denji via dreams all the time, warning him not to ‘open the door.’

Despite the devil’s usual disdain towards humans, Pochita felt profoundly for Denji when the human rescued his life. He readily offered Denji his heart in order for him to realize his aspirations, which Pochita adored hearing about.

Pochita’s real demon form has a more unpredictable nature, as indicated by his willingness to kill everybody in the burger restaurant who is even somewhat antagonistic to him. Later, he tells Denji that he has always wanted to embrace someone, but his strength prevents him from doing so. This argues that his murder spree at the burger place was unintentional due to his inability to manage his power in the presence of others.

Angel Devil No. 8


Angel Demon’s final recollection is of finding a group of people who took him in and cared for him, despite the fact that he was a devil, on the shore of a hamlet. He supposedly dated a young lady in this neighborhood.

Following that, the community and his alleged girlfriend went to the beach, where Makima approached him and demanded to display his demon abilities. Despite his protests, she persisted and demanded that he use them. He awoke hours later, having absorbed the life of all the inhabitants.

After Makima forced Aki to accept the contract, he suddenly recalls his background in Chapter 74. After that, he creates a sword with 10 years of life power to strike Makima, but she merely mouths the word “Down,” and Angel Devil slumps to the ground. She kneels next to him and demands that he hand over everything to her. Angel Devil accepts to be “Makima’s dog” and follow her directions after being possessed by the power of mental control.

7. Reze


Reze seems to be a kind and compassionate young lady at first, falling in love with Denji very immediately after meeting him. She like his jokes and is not hesitant to approach him and get close to him.

However, it is eventually revealed that this is really a ruse to get closer to Denji. Even her apparently natural behaviors, such as flushing in his company, are the product of the rigorous military training Reze had as a child. Despite her more deceptive combat style, she does not seem to relish killing or injuring people, and seeks to avoid it unless it is absolutely essential for her purpose.

She treats the proprietor of the café where she works with contempt, calling him a scrooge for slashing her wages.

Hagashiyama, Kobeni


Kobeni is a cowardly character with little moments of bravery. Her first encounter with the Eternity Devil leaves her frozen with fear and slurring her speech. When the group is trapped in the hotel and she is faced with the possibility that they will all starve to death if they are not rescued, she is shown to easily break down and cry.

Her dread drives her to take extraordinary steps in order to preserve herself. After a demon offers to liberate her in return for Denji’s life, she turns against him and threatens him with a knife. She even accused Hirokazu Arai of being a devil’s stooge because he backed Power against Kobeni’s ridiculous claims. Despite her terrified behavior toward them, she felt guilt for her actions and thanks to Hirokazu for saving her when they were assaulted.

Aki Hayakawa is number five on the list.


He is a demon hunter that works for Makima’s squad of public safety demon hunters. In return for his life, he has a pact with the Fox Demon and the Cursed Demon, enabling him to summon the former’s head and employ a devastating pickaxe. He subsequently strikes a deal with the Demon of the Future, enabling him to see into the future for a few seconds.

When he’s alone, Aki is stern, mature, and trustworthy, yet he has a tender core. Despite running into Denji and Power, he develops a strong attachment to them. During a confrontation between Makima and the Gun Demon, he is slain and transformed into Gun Fiend, whom Denji is obliged to kill.

4. Quanxi


Quanxi, widely known as the first demon hunter, is a well-known Chinese devil hunter. Quanxi became renowned as the ‘First Demon Hunter’ because of his efforts as a devil hunter. Quanxi encountered Kishibe while he was still a child while working as a demon hunter. Kishibe proposed to her at their first encounter and asked her to marry him. She snubbed him right away by punching him in the face.

This experience occurred multiple times until she announced her interest in females nine years later, following their first encounter. She eventually resigned her profession as demon hunter and relocated to China. She continued to work for China while building a harem of fiends in China.

3. Power


Makima’s team includes a Blood Demon and a Public Safety Demon Hunter. She appears as a young lady with long hair, with small red horns protruding from her head as a Demon. Power is a petulant, selfish, nearly entirely self-motivated being that enjoys harming others for her own pleasure. Power adores her cat, Meowy, and was prepared to risk Denji’s life to rescue him at one time.

Denji and Aki, her first genuine pals, become dear to her. Makima murders her in front of Denji in order to crush his spirit. Power resurfaces as Denji’s Blood Demon of Blood, but Makima mortally wounds her once again. Power strikes a deal with Denji before she dies: in return for her blood, she begs Denji to locate the reborn Blood Demon and convert her back into her Power so they may reunite.

2. Makima


Denji is adopted as a human pet by a mystery lady who serves as the director of Public Safety Division 4. Makima is crafty, bright, and manipulative, and she uses Denji’s desire to her to manipulate him into a relationship while threatening him with annihilation if he disobeys. Her objectives have been obscure for most of history, and her aims are unknown.

She is eventually revealed to be the Control Demon, who represents the fear of dominance, and she intends to establish a world free of pain by using the Chainsaw Man, whom she loves. To this goal, she is the brains of Denji’s tragedies throughout the series. She is resurrected as a girl called Nayuta after being slain by Denji and leaves her in her care to nurture her as a better person.

1. Denji


He has unkempt blond hair, bright yellowish-brown eyes with bags under them, and keen teeth. He inherited his father’s debt to the yakuza following his death when he was a toddler. In order to pay off his debt, he becomes a demon hunter after encountering Pochita, the chainsaw demon.

Pochita becomes his heart when the yakuza murder him, and they form a contract with Denji, who will live his aspirations of a regular existence. After that, he may use the rope on his chest to turn into Chainsaw Man, a demon-human hybrid. After meeting Makima, he decides to become a Public Safety Demon Hunter in order to live in a more compassionate environment. His primary drive stems from his feelings for Makima.

The “chainsaw man main characters” is a list of 15 best chainsaw man characters. The list includes some of the most popular and iconic chainsaw man characters in film history.

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