WandaVision’s Perfect Line About Grief Was a Late Addition, Says Bettany

The past year has seen many endure unimaginable losses in a very short span of time, which is why so many have related to WandaVision and that line about grief. Those words, in a way, managed to both give peace and to connect the series to current events in a way that might not have been predicted before. Many fans might have gone into WandaVision expecting a Marvel CGI-fest, and while the finale provided plenty of that, it also stayed true to its determination to work through Wanda’s emotions. That, more than anything, is what made WandaVision so special.

Considering how beloved that line has become, it’s incredible to consider it wasn’t in the original script. It’s also proof that, sometimes, the best things emerge unexpectedly. WandaVision was such a carefully constructed show, yet it’s clear there was still room for on-set collaboration and ideas. Though the show might be over, Bettany and Schaeffer can rest easy knowing what they created will stick around for far longer than its initial run. One could almost say WandaVision will… persevere.

Source: Esquire

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