WandaVision Trailer Sets Up More Action In Second Half Of Season

We’ve always known that Wanda’s false reality would come to a head – various people involved with the show have teased WandaVision‘s mind-blowing ending, saying it’s on par with the best MCU movies. There’s still a lot of unraveling to be done before we get to that point, though. It’s safe to say that, with at least three decades left to cover sitcom-wise, we won’t see the explosive scenes fans are waiting for until the series’ final two episodes.

Until then, though, it looks like WandaVision will continue to show the cracks in Wanda’s reality, with Agnes herself acknowledging the sitcom constructs behind their lives in Westview. It’s been clear since WandaVision episode three that Agnes knows more than she’s letting on and there’s theories galore about just who Agnes is. Same goes for just about everyone else in Westview who has yet to be identified, including Emma Caulfield’s Dottie, who many posit could be Mephisto himself. All the mysteries aside, it’s clear WandaVision is moving into its endgame after episode four’s big reveals and the series is primed to reveal more of its secrets in the coming weeks.

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