WandaVision Star Teases Epic & Incredibly Sad Finale

As the start of Phase 4 and an expectation that WandaVision will be the beginning of the MCU messing with the multiverse, the end of the series was already highly anticipated. This could be where the show’s surprise actor finally appears or major revelations like Scarlet Witch possibly being a mutant might come. And since it is a Marvel property, the epicness teased by Parris is likely a reflection of some major set pieces coming to WandaVision.

The excitement that might come with the beginning of Parris’ description could see the second part met with an equal amount of uneasiness. Those who are familiar with the comics might be able to guess what kind of events could give WandaVision an incredibly sad finale, especially as it pertains to Scarlet Witch’s story. Since having a family with a resurrected Vision is believed to be the main reason for this fake reality, they could play a prominent role in WandaVision‘s devastating conclusion.

No matter what happens in WandaVision‘s finale, Marvel has already confirmed that Scarlet Witch is returning in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The events of the final episode and where it leaves Wanda will inevitably have an impact on her presumed team-up with Doctor Strange. We might still not have a clear idea of how WandaVision will end, but it sounds like it could be an emotional rollercoaster for fans.

Source: THR

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