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WandaVision episode 7 featured an obscure cameo as revealed by Paul Bettany. The Marvel Studios series is down to its final two outings with its latest offering answering some pressing questions about its story. However, many mysteries remain as the finale approaches.

After a slow-burn start, WandaVision is starting to reward viewers for their patience with a string of reveals giving a better picture of what’s really happening in Westview. Episode 7, titled “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” in particular was pivotal as it confirmed Agnes/Agatha Harkness as the show’s true villain while Scarlet Witch loses control over the fantasy world. There were also major developments from outside Westview as Monica Rambeau re-entered the hex thanks to the help of Major Goodner and her S.W.O.R.D. cell.

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Taking to his official Instagram account, Bettany shared a message from his friend and WandaVision specialist costumer Tony Almaraz who made a cameo in the latest episode. He was the S.W.O.R.D. agent who helped Monica get into her astronaut gear before she charged through the magical barrier of Westview. Check out the image below:

It’s not unusual that crew members and friends of Marvel Studios appear as extra actors in some projects. For context, Captain Marvel included a cameo from the company’s Head of Security, Barry Curtis, who aptly played a mall security guard. Leading up to the WandaVision episode, however, there was already excitement over the introduction of the aerospace engineer that Monica had been teasing for a couple of episodes before. Goodner appeared to be that mystery person, but there’s barely any talk about it once they meet up. Some are still holding out hope the anticipated reveal hasn’t happened yet.

On top of all this, Bettany has also been hyping another surprise cameo in the remaining episodes of WandaVision. Unlike Evan Peters’ Pietro’s appearance which was known beforehand, Bettany claims this one hasn’t been spoiled just yet. While he has no problems teasing this, he barely gives any clues as to who it might be — only that the actor playing the role is someone he’s long wanted to work with. At this point, there are a lot of options considering the show’s story, particularly with how it’s supposed to be a cornerstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s multiverse, not to mention the potential arrival of Mephisto. With only two more episodes left, however, it’s not going to be long until all the WandaVision secrets are revealed.

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