Vernon Kay howls with laughter as he sets up Jordan North in hot chilli contest

Vernon Kay struggled to get a lid on his laughter this evening after setting up Jordan North in a hot chilli-eating contest.

Vernon welcomed I’m A Celeb fellow finalists Jordan and Giovanna Fletcher onto his new ITV gameshow, Game of Talents.

The show sees members of the public joined by a famous face as they attempt to guess guests’ special talents with a series of cryptic clues.

And tonight hopefuls Jess and Marvin had the backing of Jordan and Gi – with one performer revealing herself to have an affinity for especially hot chillis.

When she revealed her talent, Vernon began to titter as he told Jordan to join her up on stage for a chilli-eating contest – harking back to his stomach churning I’m A Celeb eating challenges.

Vernon Kay on Game of Talents
Vernon couldn’t contain his laughter

“I don’t like spicy food!” he complained, walking onto the stage.

Having eaten two of them, Jordan began to gag and had to sip milk, Vernon laughter growing louder and louder.

“You’ve set me up!” the radio DJ complained, “My eyes are watering!”

Vernon eventually took pity on his friend and told he didn’t have to try the hottest chilli in the world – the Carolina Reaper.

Jordan North on Game of Talents
Jordan accused Vernon of setting him up

Jordan North on Game of Talents
Jordan gagged after tasting the chillis

Viewers were delighted to see the three I’m A Celeb finalists together again for the first time since December’s final.

It saw Gi crowned the show’s first Queen of the Castle after the pandemic forced it to shift its location to Gwrych Castle in Wales.

“It’s a great excuse to catch up!” podcast host Gi enthused.

*Game of Talents returns on Saturday 24 April at 7:30pm on ITV.

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