Too Hot To Handle’s Cam Holmes in trouble with his mum over solo sex session

Too Hot To Handle’s Cam Holmes has admitted he regrets his solo sex act in the shower – because his mum had a go at him for it.

The Welsh model and personal trainer was spotted getting up to no good during the first four episodes, blowing a massive $17,000 of the show’s $100,000 prize fund by ignoring the sex ban to get frisky with Emily Miller.

However, $2,000 of that was just himself – engaging in what AI robot Lana referred to as ‘an act of self-gratification’ in a bid to curb his sex drive.

The cheeky 24-year-old even convinced his two male pals in the villa to keep a lookout for him to release some tension… but unfortunately for him, cameras see everything.

And now his mum’s seen it too.

Cam has spoken out about ‘that’ rule break during his first days in Too Hot To Handle

Speaking exclusively to Mirror Online, Cam explained: “I don’t regret anything [about the show]. I feel like I’m happy… Maybe I wouldn’t have had a bit of alone time in the shower just because my mum’s given me a little bit of stick about that already. So maybe that – if I could take anything back, but that’s it.

“It’s weird because you never know what the editing will come out like, so you’ve always got to be aware everything you do could possibly make it into it,” he added.

“But it’s weird, you’ve kind of just got to forget that the cameras are there, and get on with it because otherwise you’re not gonna enjoy it.

“But you have always got to have a little sense about everything. Like ‘my mum could definitely watch that’… which I did not have when I got in the shower!”

Cam got in trouble after wasting $2,000 on a solo sex session in the shower

At the end of the fourth episode, the chastity challenge was left on a cliffhanger when Lana told the 12 contestants that she was “streamlining” the group after they refused to take it seriously.

As part of the series, none of the contestants are allowed any form of sexual contact – including kissing, touching, or self-pleasure.

When they did break the rules, money was deducted from the final prize fund.

In just one day however, nearly all the contestants had a rule break, resulting in $21,000 being blown as they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Emily and Cam couldn’t resist each other despite the sex ban in place

The prize fund now stands at $68,000, with six more episodes to go.

Will they be able to claw some of the money back? Or will Cam’s indiscretions result in him being kicked out early?

Too Hot To Handle is available now on Netflix.

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