Too Hot To Handle’s Cam Holmes in trouble with his mum over solo sex session

Too Hot To Handle’s Cam Holmes has admitted he regrets his solo sex act in the shower – because his mum had a go at him for it.

The Welsh model and personal trainer was spotted getting up to no good during the first four episodes, blowing a massive $17,000 of the show’s $100,000 prize fund by ignoring the sex ban to get frisky with Emily Miller.

However, $2,000 of that was just himself – engaging in what AI robot Lana referred to as ‘an act of self-gratification’ in a bid to curb his sex drive.

The cheeky 24-year-old even convinced his two male pals in the villa to keep a lookout for him to release some tension… but unfortunately for him, cameras see everything.

And now his mum’s seen it too.

The prize fund now stands at $68,000, with six more episodes to go.

Will they be able to claw some of the money back? Or will Cam’s indiscretions result in him being kicked out early?

Too Hot To Handle is available now on Netflix.

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