The Real Magic in Arcane: The Characters

Arcane is a MMORPG that’s been in development for about two years. But it has taken on an almost cult-following status and the developers are hoping to make Arcane: The Characters into something special.

Arcane: The Characters is a game that has been out for a while now. It has been called “the real magic in Arcane” by many, but for those who have yet to play it, the best thing about the game is its characters.

The Real Magic in Arcane: The Characters

Arcane’s True Magic: The Characters

“You don’t deserve to be selfish when others look up to you.”



I have two things to say to you if you haven’t watched Arcane yet. First and foremost, I strongly advise you to give the program a chance. This is one of the most unexpected and intelligent new programs I’ve watched in a long time. Second, wait till you’ve watched it before reading it. I wrote a spoiler-free review of season 1 here, but this time I’d want to focus on one of my favorite elements of the show: the characters. Characters and relationships were among my favorite aspects of Arcane, as I highlighted in my review. In general, I’m a character girl; if the characters in a movie or program don’t appeal to me, it’s just a matter of time until I grow bored and stop watching it. I’m also ready to put up with a lot if I enjoy the characters; otherwise, I would have stopped watching The Witcher after season one. Arcane is a very unique experience in that, although the characters represent the best of what this program has to offer, the plot and technical components exceed my expectations. There isn’t a single aspect of this production that isn’t contributing to the overall tale. I’d want to discuss them in the future, particularly the series’ amazing use of music.


Arcane Characters

Jinx and Vi would be a good place to start. We observe the terrible truths of our world through the eyes of these sisters, who are the heart and soul of Arcane. Vi weeps for their deceased parents in the opening scene of the first episode, and Powder clings to her, attempting to console her in any way she can. This illustrates Vi’s vulnerability to raw emotions and how she will behave in times of intense stress early on. This is in stark contrast to today’s calm, collected female protagonists, who never fail to crack a one-liner and never have a stray hair out of place. It also quietly establishes that Powder loves Vi more than anybody else in the planet. We can’t read her thoughts, but Powder doesn’t appear concerned by her deceased mother’s body, based on what we’ve seen. Her whole focus is on Vi, and she is attempting to help her feel better. This might also signal that anything is wrong with the little girl, or that she is just too young to comprehend what has occurred. I like how Arcane exposes us to its major characters without saying anything. The dreary, ominous music, as well as Vi’s body language and Vander’s response when he sees the two females, tell volumes. The muffled thud of his gauntlets hitting the ground is oddly pleasant, signaling the start of a new mission and priority for the seasoned combatant. Vi’s dilemma stems from the fact that she learns early on that she must battle her way out of her difficulties. Sometimes this works, but you can’t punch your way out of family strife or tragedy. Vander was by far my favorite character throughout the first three episodes of Act 1 of season 1. He’s personable, devoted to his adoptive children, and wise enough to see what Vi still needs to learn. 

Arcane Characters

Vander learned from the conflict that murdered Vi’s parents that going all-out against Piltover’s topsiders was a fool’s errand that would end badly for both sides. However, as with everything else in life, the consequences would be disproportionately harmful to the residents of the Undercity. Vi is completely perplexed by this, preferring to hurl herself at the city’s elite rather than accept her errors. Vi is established as a hasty, passionate young girl who would do everything for the people she loves right from the start of the season. She tells Vander that she would do everything to give Powder a better life than she had, which leads to one of the show’s best scenes. Vi is made aware of the perils of fighting, not just to herself but also to Powder, Mylo, and Claggor, thanks to Vander. Vander quit fighting to defend his children and everyone else in the Undercity. While his deal with Enforcer Grayson isn’t flawless or fair, it keeps the residents of the Undercity secure and out of danger. Silco’s heinous agreement with Marcus would subsequently resemble their collaboration. This fits with the show’s dualistic concept. Character foils abound throughout Arcane, as are parallels between relationships and the cities themselves. Grayson is a realistic but not unfeeling Sherrif, while Vander is a loving leader who cherishes his people’s uniqueness and perseverance. She, like Piltover, seems to truly desire to keep the peace for the welfare of the Undercity. Meanwhile, Silco is a crime lord who is concerned with Zaun’s independence, but not with the people as individuals. Silco sees his employees, partners, and residents as weapons, as well as potential catalysts for change. He’s not only prepared to sacrifice everything and anybody for his cause, but he also doesn’t see why Vander isn’t. Why does Vander care so much about these kids that he is willing to give up his fight for them? Why is he willing to go to such lengths to keep them safe? Marcus, on the other hand, has redeemable qualities, but he’s terribly flawed in ways Grayson wasn’t. Marcus despises the residents of the Undercity, seeing them as filthy criminals devoid of any redeeming traits. He is blind to Vander’s affection for his temporary family, clientele, and friends. Marcus justifies his poor behavior by claiming that he is doing it to protect his daughter, whom he loves. What he doesn’t realize is that the “enemy” has just as much love and as much to fight for as he does. 

Arcane Season 1

The sophisticated, multi-faceted approach to conflict is one of the most astonishing aspects of an extremely superb production. Nobody in Arcane is completely correct or incorrect. Even the major villain of season one, Silco, has a good goal and a terrible past. Although the fact that he compels youngsters to labor in his factories creating the enhancement drug shimmer negates whatever argument he may be attempting to make, it is still a valid issue. And he’s a force to be reckoned with! Silco is a “villain” who evolves and transforms but never joins the “heroes” side. That flaw he saw in Vander, his insatiable love for his children and need to protect them at all costs, strikes a bit too close to home for Silco. Both individuals are irreversibly transformed when Silco takes Powder in instead of murdering her. Powder, now Jinx, is pushed farther down a road already strewn with mental illness and pain. Silco’s life is reintroduced to true, genuine love. A warped father-daughter tie between a crimelord and his adoptive daughter is one of Arcane’s most intriguing interactions. Silco becomes Jinx’s main source of information about herself, her worldview, and what she thinks of Vi. 

This is the first installment of a series. In the future, I’ll go through Jinx, Vi, and Silco in more detail, focusing on their growth in Acts 2 and 3.

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