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The Prodigal Son Season 2 is coming to Netflix on September 28th, 2018. The show follows the story of a man who has been living in exile for years and returns home to find his family in ruin.

The prodigal son season 2 cast is an American television series created by David Milch. The show tells the story of a father who returns home after 20 years of absence to reclaim his family’s fortune and, in the process, must come to terms with his past.

Chris Fedak and Frank Skalver developed the American crime drama The Prodigal Son. For the first time in 2019, the program aired on the Fox network. The show has been renewed for a second season. Season 2 of The Prodigal Son will be fantastic to watch!

There is no lack of criminal drama or police procedural drama on television. However, hardly many programs are brave enough to center on the children of an apparently normal psychopath serial murderer. The program has taken a risk with the narrative it has selected. It is a frightening document that shows how psychopathic traits develop over time and individuals frequently become what they were always scared of becoming. 

This essay will teach you all you need to know about The Prodigal Son’s dysfunctional homicidal family. 



The tale begins with the arrest of Dr. Martin Whitley, a notorious psychopath murderer known as the surgeon. When his kid, who was quite young at the time, inadvertently discovered his father’s lair, he informed the authorities about his father’s misdeeds. A confidant before going to jail. Whitley’s pleasant demeanor persuades his young children that they are more alike than they realize. 

The narrative now shifts to the current day, where Malcolm Bright (the prodigal son) works as a forensic profiler and his sister, Ainsley, works as a reporter. Years later, when a copycat begins murdering in the same manner as Dr. Whitly, Malcolm seeks assistance from his father. The family began to communicate once again. This family reunion, however, is not meant to be. The more we dig into it, the more frightening things emerge. 

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Recap of Season 2 

a glimpse from The Prodigal Son Season 2Featuring a still from Season 2 of The Prodigal Son!

The first season of The Prodigal Son follows Malcolm Bright as he returns to his father after a ten-year absence. He greeted him with his old confident grin, which was unnerving. As the story continues, we learn that, despite being away from his family for years, Whitley’s children are not immune to his influence. Both children are bright, motivated, and ambitious perfectionists. 

Malcolm’s dread of becoming a crazy murderer like his father leads him to have regular nightmares throughout Season 1.

The program is brave and excellent in its portrayal of a killer’s children’s psyche and innermost fears. They both share a stigmatized identity that no one should have to live with.

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The Surgeon, Dr. Martin Whitly 

He is the surgeon, a well-known serial murderer. His character is one of the best killers ever portrayed on television. It’s difficult to picture the pleasant, funny, and innocent-looking middle-aged guy as a vicious murderer. That is, nevertheless, precisely what he is. 

Martin White and His Family

Malcolm is the one who discovers the assassinations. Even after all these years, he still remembers his father approaching him just before getting into the police vehicle and telling him that they would sort things out together since they were alike. Malcolm puts on a stern exterior and attempts to assess the situation objectively. His demons don’t help matters.  

Malcolm despises his father so much that he wants to stay completely ignorant of what he has done. He is not willing to reestablish the connection, even if his father is. Season 2 complicates their relationship even further. 

The emphasis of Season 2 changes from Malcolm’s terror to Ainsley’s. To the audience’s surprise, Ainsley seems to have a homicidal mentality, and she is the one who executes a heinous murder and then forgets about it. This need a family gathering to appropriately address the situation. 

Both sons and daughters seem to have inherited more of their father’s characteristics than they realize. 

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Jessica Whitly is a writer who lives in New York City

the main lead actor from The Prodigal Son Season 2Season 2 of The Prodigal Son features the protagonist!

Martin’s wife, Jessica, is the mother of Ainsley and Malcolm. She became an alcoholic after learning the truth about her spouse. She’s constantly worried that her children would follow in their father’s footsteps. Season 2 confirms her suspicions. She learns the truth about Ainsley’s assassination attempt. She must now seek assistance from her spouse.

Season 2 Cast of The Prodigal Son 

the cast of The Prodigal Son Season 2Featuring the characters of Season 2 of The Prodigal Son!

Michael Seen, who plays serial murderer Dr. Whitly, does an incredible job. Bellamy Young’s acting talent is well-known because to her part on Scandal. She seems to be a bit subdued in this scene. As the son of a serial murderer, Tom Payne is much too convincing. Lou Diamond Phillips fits the part well. Ainsley Whitly has done an excellent job with Halston Sage.

Season 2 of The Prodigal Son has a release date. 

Season 2 premiered on January 12, 2021.

Season 2 of The Prodigal Son is now available. 

It’s available on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and


Season 2 delves further into the psychological framework that both parents and children share. The language is dominated by humour and sarcasm, which serves as a distracting comedic relief to a story that is predominantly…well…freaky. The very nature of uncertainty instills dread in people. 

The suspenseful story of how a predator becomes prey and vice versa. Leave your views on the series in the comments section below.