The Flash Season 7 Casts Jon Cor as DC Villain Chillblaine

Considering his name, it’s not too surprising Chillblaine sounds a lot like Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, who wielded a cold gun. He featured prominently in the first three seasons of The Flash before joining Legends of Tomorrow. In the comics, there have been several versions of Chillblaine, who has a connection to Captain Cold via his sister, Lisa Snart. Under the supervillain name Golden Glider, she recruits the various Chillblaines using her brother’s technology. Lisa has shown up on The Flash as well, but hasn’t appeared since season 2. TVLine notes there are “no plans” to bring back Peyton List, who played Lisa, as of now.

Interestingly, Barry had a very complicated relationship with Captain Cold, with the two eventually becoming allies of sorts. It seems unlikely Chillblaine will have the exact same dynamic with Team Flash, but comparisons between the two characters are inevitable. It’s worth noting The Flash has done a good job in the past of differentiating similar villains. For example, the show has featured two different versions of Mirror Master, with Eva the second. Both have stood on their own as fascinating characters. Hopefully, The Flash‘s take on Chillblaine is similarly satisfying.

Source: TVLine

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