The Best TV Shows and Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Video in December

You’re probably on Amazon all day now, looking for that perfect oven mitt to get your mom for Christmas. But Amazon would like you to know that it’s about a lot more than just a shopping outlet for the lazy, it also has television and movies! And this December after you’ve hit “checkout” on your holiday shopping, stick around on the site for some good things to watch.

This month, Amazon has a few pretty exciting originals coming up, including a potential Oscar contender, a new season of The Expanse, a new YA series that is sure to have you hooked, and a romance movie starring one of the most charming actresses currently working. Plus, the Amazon Prime library is adding a classic sports comedy, as well as the perfect film to watch after finishing The Crown.

Our picks for the best shows and movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video in December are below, but here is the complete list of what’s new on Amazon Prime in December. If you’re looking for even more recommendations, click over to our Watch This Now! page.

The Best Shows and Movies on Amazon This Month

A League of Their Own

Available Dec. 1
That’s right: the movie that famously taught us there’s no crying in baseball. This sports comedy classic, which boasts a great cast that includes Tom Hanks, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, and Geena Davis, tells the story of the real-life 1943 All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. It’s about as close to a perfect movie as you can get.

The King’s Speech

Available Dec. 1
If you’re still reeling after finishing The Crown Season 4 and can’t get enough of the royals, you should definitely make The King’s Speech your next watch. Colin Firth won an Oscar for his portrayal of King George VI — Queen Elizabeth II’s father — as he works with a speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush) to overcome his stammer. Helena Bonham Carter co-stars as George’s wife, Queen Elizabeth, which is especially funny considering she plays Princess Margaret in The Crown. It’s all connected!


Sound of Metal

Available Dec. 4
Riz Ahmed (The Night Of) gives one heck of a performance as Ruben Stone, a heavy metal drummer who starts to lose his hearing, in Sound of Metal, another Oscar contender. Caught between his passion and his new physical limitations, Ruben embeds with the Deaf community to control his anger and give him perspective. I’d give Ahmed even odds to take home the Academy Award, and the wardrobe designer to win my personal Timmy Award for giving Ruben authentic metal band t-shirts. –Tim Surette

The Wilds

Available Dec. 11
Amazon’s getting into the YA biz with this new series about a group of teen girls who have to fight for survival after their plane crashes on a deserted island, though it quickly becomes clear that they didn’t end up there by accident. Spooky.

The Expanse

Available Dec. 16
Television’s best sci-fi series returns for its fifth season — Amazon recently announced that Season 6 would be the show’s last — with asteroids heading toward Earth, a gold rush on an alien planet sending humans to other parts of the universe, and the Belters ready to rise up after decades of oppression. Yep, that’s The Expanse in all of its beautiful, complex glory. New this season is the rollout; three episodes will premiere Dec. 16, with a new episode coming every Wednesday. –Tim Surette

Sylvie’s Love

Available Dec. 23
Tessa Thompson stars as Sylvie, an aspiring TV producer who strikes up a summer romance with a saxophonist (Nnamdi Asomugha), only to reunite years later to find that their connection remains strong. It’s guaranteed to warm your heart. (Update: Amazon moved the premiere date up from Dec. 25.)

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