Olivia Newton-John pays tribute to John Travolta’s late wife Kelly Preston

Dame Olivia Newton-John shared a heartwarming tribute to her Grease co-star John Travolta’s late wife Kelly Preston.

Kelly died in July at her family home in Florida after she battled breast cancer for two years in secret.

Her friend and actress Olivia shared some kind words about Kelly whom she hailed as a “wonderful, beautiful spirit”.

Grease’s leading lady opened up about her grief on Loose Women on Monday.

She said: “It was obviously [hard]. Kelly was a wonderful, beautiful spirit inside and out.”

Olivia has been feeling “great” as she spoke about living with cancer.

Her husband John Easterling introduced her to medicinal cannabis and she’s stopped chemotherapy.

Positive Olivia hailed breast cancer as a “gift” to her because it has given her a sense of purpose and a determination to help others.

She said: “You can make a choice on how you think of it.

“If I hadn’t experienced breast cancer, I wouldn’t have lent my things.

“It gives me purpose to get up everyday. I’m so grateful for everybody if i can get back and help other people.”

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