Mandalorian Creator Shows How To Make Baby Yoda’s Cookies

The Mandalorian showrunner and creator Jon Favreau reveals the recipe for Baby Yoda’s blue macarons on the YouTube cooking show Binging with Babish. Favreau is not only the creator of the smash-hit Star Wars show but is also known for launching the Marvel Cinematic Universe, directing Iron Man and Iron Man 2. He’s also appeared as Happy Hogan in the MCU, playing the character in five movies over the past decade. Favreau isn’t just known for his Disney and Marvel work, though.

Among his many credits is the movie Chef, which he starred in, wrote, and directed. He worked with real-life chef Roy Choi on that movie to make the food preparations look authentic and has continued collaborating with the Los Angeles-based food truck owner on the Netflix docu-series The Chef Show. Favreau is passionate about food, which is why it’s no surprise The Mandalorian has featured a focus on delicious in-universe foods in some episodes. The most recent has been blue macaron-style cookies, officially known as Nevarro Nummies, which Baby Yoda ate in season 2, episode 4 “Chapter 12: The Siege”. Officially licensed Disney versions are on sale for a whopping $49.95 for 12.

However, Favreau has now provided a way for fans to indulge in the sweet treats at home without having to break the bank. Appearing on the popular YouTube show Binging with Babish, hosted by the bald, bearded amateur cook Andrew Rea, Favreau revealed the process that went into creating the cookies’ look, saying the classic Star Wars blue milk inspired the blue shade. Favreau then explains the recipe and encourages Rea to create a cheaper version for kids to make the cookies with their parents using a simple method and ingredients usually found in a home kitchen. You can watch the video below:

Besides the delightful interactions between Rea and Favreau, with each telling the other how much they enjoy their shows, the video reveals Favreau and the rest of the team pay close attention to what appears as food on The Mandalorian. The bone broth from season 1 gets a mention, and Favreau says he makes sure any time he puts food in the show, it looks authentic and can be replicated easily, as he knows fans might want to try it. It’s a sign of the care and attention put into the show and makes it more evident why it has resonated with audiences in such a big way.

Unfortunately, Favreau doesn’t broach the topic of Baby Yoda’s disgusting egg-eating in season 2, episode 2 “The Passenger,” which fellow filmmaker Kevin Smith called “genocide.” However, despite that worrying slip-up, it’s clear Favreau is committed to making The Mandalorian not only exciting and interesting but also relatable for both adults and children, one of the main reasons it’s easily Disney+’s biggest original show. One wonders if there are more culinary delights in store over the remaining episodes.

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