Love Beyond The Physical Appearances

In the digital age, love transcends physical appearances. Who you fall in love with is a person’s soul and heart. Why do we value looks over personality? Is it possible to make a better match using modern algorithms?

The “love beyond physical attraction quotes” is a blog post that talks about the importance of love in relationships. It discusses how people should not only focus on the physical aspects of their partner, but also care for them as a person.

The new Christmas rom-com ‘Love Hard,’ which features a touching homage to ‘Love Actually’s poster sequence and references famous faves ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Die Hard’ throughout the film, is available on Netflix starting November 5.

The book delves at the benefits and drawbacks of online dating, as well as how relying on physical characteristics may backfire disastrously once you meet the real person behind the social network or profile reflection.

Hernan Jimenez directs ‘Love Hard,’ which is based on a screenplay by Danny Mackey and Rebecca Ewing. It stars Nina Dobrev from ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ as well as Darren Barnet, Jimmy O. Yang, and Harry Shum, among others.

Nina portrays Natalie, a Los Angeles journalist who is mocked by her cruel employer and stereotyped as a lighthearted writer who records her bad luck with men for a digital newspaper. She reminds me of a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw, except her sorrow has been commodified into clickbait, so she never gets to nut.

Natalie is a hopeless romantic who refuses to give up on finding her prince charming despite her dismal luck on online dating applications. As a result, she resolves to go outside the city limits of Los Angeles in the hopes of capturing something or someone who fulfills her heart’s wishes. Her hopes are rewarded at one point, as she is matched with a drop-dead handsome hunk called Tag, played by Darren Barnet. The issue is that the hottie is stationed on the East Coast, which means they won’t be able to have face-to-face dates right away.


Fortunately, it’s the holiday season, so Natalie decides to take a few days off from work and devises a scheme to surprise her new catch. However, there is one little flaw: Tag in person does not correspond to Tag on the web profile.

Natalie soon realizes that she has been catfished by Josh, played by Jimmy O. Yang, who has been acting as the good-looking Tag the whole time. Josh and Tag, on the other hand, are childhood friends and are not strangers to one other. To make up, Josh offers to connect Natalie up with the actual Tag this time, resulting in a slew of amusing encounters.

Josh, the catfisher, is a wonderful romantic hero. He’s a young Chinese American guy who works as a candle maker. With his hot brother, he lives in the basement of his family’s home. Throughout the film, his interests and traumas are brilliantly portrayed. The authors came up with some extremely funny one-liners for Josh, such as when he comments that ‘height and facial symmetry are unpleasant in certain cultures.’ 

Josh is competitive, as viewers discover, and this dynamic is highlighted when he is faced against his brother, who is just as attractive as Tag. This incident increases the audience’s affection for Josh and makes them want to cheer for him.

Natalie, Dobrev’s character, however, seems to be undeveloped. Audiences learn that she has an obsessive obsession with perfection, which is influenced by her profession and has a knock-on effect on her personal life.

Josh is the one who propels this plot forward, while Natalie is only a prop for his story. The film betrays its own concept by showing a female character who is outrageously gorgeous but lacks depth.

Nonetheless, the actress’s performance is outstanding. Her attractive unpretentiousness is her strength. She’s great for playing a character that any mother would love, and she’s unfazed by Josh’s amusing grandma, played by Takayo Fischer.

Natalie is desperate to win over Josh after he promises to set her up with Tag. The fact that she is really attractive is not the major problem; yet, these are two completely different persons. Tag is the polar opposite of the attributes that drew Natalie to him in the first place during the online talks. To impress Tag and possibly win his heart, she creates this phony persona, which is tough to maintain.

Natalie needs to pretend that she and Josh are dating in order to please Josh’s family, so the hook-up with Tag isn’t cheap. The hoax escalates out of control, as one would imagine, and the ending is both usual and inadequate.

‘Love Hard’ can be seen as a re-enactment of the infamous Cyrano de Bergerac plot, in which Mr. Wrong, who has the wrong looks but is smooth with the words, is drawn into a scheme to help the conventionally attractive person land another conventionally attractive person, which they fancy for themselves.

The producers squander an opportunity to capitalize on Yang’s humor by casting him as the protagonist. Yang is best known as a stand-up comedian. This isn’t to say Yang isn’t attractive enough for the part, but the film pits him against the other two performers, Barnet and Shum, in terms of physical attractiveness. His sibling is played by the latter. 


These two gentlemen have being promoted as sex icons. As a result, it would have been fantastic if Yang’s humor had been amplified to compensate for his physical differences.

In this segment, it’s worth noticing that Yang and Dobrev don’t share a single glimmer of relationship chemistry. In an effort to make the two actors a couple, the authors don’t feed them much. As a result, spectators are unable to cheer for them as a relationship.

‘Love Hard’ is a cautionary tale about what occurs when individuals aren’t clear about what they want in a love story that isn’t just a meeting of strangers but a meeting of people from various backgrounds. It urges viewers to look beyond a person’s physical appearance and consider their personality and other appealing qualities that aren’t immediately apparent.

Overall, Love Hard is a terrific Christmas film to see and a refreshing look at Dobrev outside of her breakout role. It’s definitely worth a look.


Looks are important to many people. Some people may say that looks don’t matter, but they do. However, some people also say that looks aren’t everything and there is more to love than just physical appearance. Reference: how important are looks to a man.

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