Kate Garraway in awkward blunder as she calls guest by wrong name on GMB

Kate Garraway suffered an awkward blunder on Good Morning Britain after accidentally calling a guest by the wrong name.

The host, 54, had been interviewing BBQ chef Christian Stevenson with co-host Ben Shephard when she randomly called him “Daniel”, later admitting that she had no idea why she had done so.

As they debated on the show whether BBQs should be banned from parks and public places, Ben was stunned when Kate suddenly referred to Daniel.

Finishing the chat, Kate remarked: “I don’t think anything’s going to stop Daniel!”

Baffled, Ben corrected her: “Christian.”

Kate had initially been confused by Ben’s intervention and he repeated the name again, remarking: “I’m not sure who Daniel is.”

Kate Garraway suffered an awkward blunder on Good Morning Britain
Kate Garraway suffered an awkward blunder on Good Morning Britain

She burst into laughter after realising her mistake while Christian joked back: “You can call me Daniel if you want! It’s better than what my kids call me…”

Kate later added after Ben brought up the awkward moment again: “I can’t apologise enough to Christian, I don’t know why I said Daniel!

“I’m not sure I even connect Daniel to BBQs, it’s a very odd thing.”

It comes after Kate expressed her horror at accidentally damaging her borrowed car while on a family holiday.

Opening up about her trip away with her family, she explained that she had tried her best to be careful with the car as they travelled to the beach, but unfortunately ended up damaging the car.

Ben Shephard giggled over the mix-up
Ben Shephard giggled over the mix-up

She told co-host Ben: “Peugeot lent me a car to get down to Cornwall with the family.

“I was so careful. I was like a paranoid beast and my dad is with me and you know what my dad is like Ben.

“Anyway I think something happened in the car park as it looks like a cat as done that on it.”

Sceptical, Ben laughed as he asked: “What a cat scratched your car?”

Kate appeared extremely apologetic and said: “Anyway, something has happened to it.

“So I apologise for that. It was a brilliant car. I will sort it out I promise.”

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