History of Swear Words Trailer: Nicolas Cage Recreates Iconic Deadfall Meltdown

The official trailer for the new series History of Swear Words shows Nicolas Cage recreating an iconic meltdown scene from Deadfall. Hitting Netflix on January 5, 2021, History of Swear Words is a six-part series that will explore the etymology and cultural relevance of curse words, with episodes dedicated specifically to “f**k,” “s**t,” “bi**h,” “d**k,” “pu**y,” and “damn.” The show seems formatted similar to classic VH1 talking-head shows like Best Week Ever and will feature humorous interviews from Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, Jim Jefferies, and other comedians with enthusiasm for dirty language.

The show’s biggest star is also its host, Nic Cage, who’s known among other things for his legendary swear-riddled meltdowns on screen. One of the Rage Cage’s most unhinged performances was in the 1993 crime film Deadfall, which follows the exploits of two con artists. Though the film itself was panned and has since been largely forgotten, its legacy lives on in a scene where Cage’s character, Eddie, screams the F-word for 10 straight seconds in a crowded bar. The moment has been heavily memed and satirized in the years since the film’s release, and now the actor seems to be leaning directly into his beloved freakout.

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Netflix just released the official History of Swear Words trailer, which opens strongly with the now 56-year-old actor recreating his Deadfall scene. It shows a suited Cage in a tastefully lavish office, standing up from his chair and channeling Eddie by exclaiming the F-word with every fiber of his being. He then transitions into the formal air of an educator and explains the show’s premise of examining various expletives’ origins and allure. Check out the hilarious, uncensored trailer below:

Cage remains one of the most prolific actors of his generation, having appeared in over 100 films throughout his career. While he’s broadly known for his many laughably bad movies, Cage has slipped back into critical favor with recent cult gems like Mandy and Color Out of Space that were praised for using his bombast in the right way. He’s also lent his voice to several immensely successful animated films, notably Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as Spider-Man Noir.

Despite that family-friendly fare, Nicolas Cage couldn’t be a more perfect choice to helm a show about the cultural relevance of curse words. His sheer charisma and likability alone would’ve made him an excellent History of Swear Words host, but his uncanny ability to go berserk on screen will certainly delight longtime fans, especially if he gives us more homages to his many iconic meltdowns.

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