Falcon & Winter Soldier TV Spot Sees Bucky Flirting With Sam’s Sister

The latest TV spot for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier sees Bucky flirting with Sam’s sister. In just a few days, Marvel Studios will continue Phase 4 on the small screen via the upcoming Disney+ series. That’s just two weeks after their inaugural show, WandaVision, wrapped up its nine-episode run. Despite the short gap, expect an entirely different narrative with the Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan-led series, as it’s going to be more grounded and realistic, reminiscent of the tone and vibe of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is essentially a political thriller.

With Steve Rogers officially retired in the prime MCU timeline following the events of Avengers: Endgame, his two closest pals are left to stick with each other as they navigate the world in a post-blip era. Both Bucky and Sam were snuffed out of existence by Thanos’ snap and so they have to rely on each other to get back on their feet after being gone for five years. They will especially need each other as they face personal and collective hurdles moving forward: Sam with the tantamount task of becoming the next Captain America, while Bucky continues his rehabilitation from being the Winter Soldier. Despite the serious stakes in the show, there will still be lighter moments brought about by the pair’s really fun dynamic.

As the release of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier nears, Marvel Studios is continuing to market the show to keep people hyped up for its premiere. On the heels of the show’s final trailer rollout, a new TV spot has arrived, offering more of that fun banter between Sam and Bucky, especially after the latter starts flirting with the former’s sister. Check out the clip below shared on Twitter by fan account, @squiderverse:

There are a couple more new shots in the aforementioned The Falcon and the Winter Soldier teaser, including a shirtless Sam scene, which is somehow already an obligatory element of the MCU films. The spot makes it look like it’s in the same sequence as Sharon Carter and Bucky sitting down on a couch, but the clip might have been edited that way to mislead viewers. In any case, this also confirms that after a chance encounter with Agent 13, who’s also on the run for breaking the Sokovia Accords, she eventually joins Steve’s friends.

As someone whose arc in the MCU has been primarily dark, it’s nice to see Bucky’s real personality shining through in this scene. Between the two of them, Bucky’s always been the stoic one, motivating his newfound friend to poke fun at him more relentlessly. In this particular bit, it’s the other way around as Bucky gets to rile up Sam. Amidst all the other elements of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios is really banking on the pair’s chemistry to be one of the main draws for the show as evidenced by the way they’ve handled its marketing.

Source: Marvel Studios (via @squiderverse)

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