Emmerdale fan ‘works out’ secret Meena blackmail plot as she ‘targets new victim’

An Emmerdale fan has ‘worked out’ that evil serial killer Meena Jutla is blackmailing one of the village’s residents, as she continues to manipulate despite being in prison

An Emmerdale fan has ‘worked out’ that evil serial killer Meena Jutla is blackmailing one of the village’s residents

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An Emmerdale fan has ‘worked out’ a secret blackmail plot as Meena Jutla continues her reign on terror on the village from prison.

The evil serial killer has been charged for a long list of crimes – including the murders of village residents, Ben Tucker, Andrea Tate and Leanna Cavanagh as well as the attempted murders of Victoria Sugden, Manpreet Sharma and Vinny Dingle.

Despite her now being in prison, Meena (Paige Sandhu) is still finding a way to manipulate some of the show’s characters, including vicar Charles, with spoilers revealing he will visit her in prison next week in an attempt to get a confession out of him.

Meena returned to the village for a showdown

However, one fan of the ITV soap is convinced they’ve spotted a huge secret storyline with Meena at the heart of it.

The viewer explains that Meena is holding Ellis – who recently exited the show amid claims he rowed with Matthew Wolfenden over an alleged ‘race row’ – hostage and is blackmailing Priya, with the resident now under Meena’s control as she fears for Ellis’ life.

“My crazy theory if you want to read it but it’s an all or nothing… (if I’m right I’ll be amazed),” one person penned on Reddit as they shared their theory, “When Meena has been mentioned a few times, the camera has panned onto Priya. Something I found odd, I couldn’t work out a connection as to why?

Ellis jetted off to Australia – but hasn’t been heard from since



“What if Meena has been blackmailing Priya – you know what soaps are like for implying something that is never seen? I still think Ellis is in the village but has been held captive by Meena, Priya is doing everything she can to make sure Ellis isn’t hurt.”

Ellis exited the show for a new job in Australia recently, but he hasn’t been heard from since and no one has seemed to have mentioned him, despite all the drama surrounding his brother Billy Fletcher.

Now fans are convinced that Ellis is still in the village after being kidnapped with Meena – whilst Priya is being blackmailed by the killer from prison as she tries to keep Ellis safe from harm.

One fan has theorised that Priya is being blackmailed by Meena



The soap fan added: “For all Ellis’ family are aware he has gone, and he’s having a great time!

“I’d have a lot more praise for the writers if they pulled something like this, rather than her dying because of either a disease that’s making her go crazy, or Liam doing a Columbo. But we’ll see.”

It is clear Ellis means a lot to Priya as she confessed her love from him before his quick exit.

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