Bryan Cranston Avoiding Better Call Saul Season 6 Spoilers

Cranston saying he wants to enjoy the show like any audience member and even tries to avoid spoilers could be taken as his low-key way of shutting the door on Walter White ever making a Better Call Saul appearance. However, in the past Cranston has said he would “do it in a second” if asked to reprise the role of White on BCS (he of course already did a White return cameo in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie), and has also revealed that he’s been asked to direct episodes but was never able to work things out schedule-wise. Obviously, if he directs an episode he would then be privy to spoilers.

While it’s amusing to think of Cranston being just another fan of Better Call Saul, he is of course not just another fan. In reality, Cranston’s Walter White still casts a long shadow over the spinoff show, which must endure endless comparisons to the original both in terms of overall quality and in its navigation of Jimmy/Saul’s very White-like antihero arc. Of course, the show threw fans quite a curveball when at the end of season 5 it revealed that Jimmy’s long-time girlfriend and co-conspirator Kim Wexler (a character not from Breaking Bad) may in fact be the story’s true antihero. Indeed, the show’s sixth and final season figures to be the most surprising of all after that shocking Kim reveal. Perhaps that’s why Cranston is even more spoiler averse than ever. And perhaps, with Kim taking center-stage for Better Call Saul season 6, there’s arguably much less need for the show to directly connect back to Breaking Bad. If that’s the case, a Walter White cameo may now be less necessary than ever, allowing Cranston to at last leave White behind him and settle in as just another fan.

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