Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: History of Swear Words, Headspace Guide to Meditation

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? You’ve come to the right place. Here are the best new shows and movies releasing on Netflix the week of Jan. 1-7, 2021 (we start it on Fridays since that’s when Netflix releases its biggest shows).

Happy New Year! Start out the year the same way you spent most of last year: by watching Netflix. That’s not a bad thing. Things have been weird. And Netflix is here to help with a few new shows that will help you center your chi by exploring meditation via Headspace Guide to Meditation or continue your rage by going deep into the swear words that have been spilling out of your mouth for the last nine months via History of Swear Words

All titles debut on Friday, Jan. 1 unless otherwise noted. Here’s what came out on Netflix last week.

If you’re looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, we have plenty. If you’d like to see what’s coming out on Netflix in December, here’s everything that’s coming to the service in the month. 

The Biggest Releases

The History of Swear Words, Season 1
Nicolas Cage hosting a docuseries about the roots of the most famous swear words? Well gosh golly dagnabbit gee willikers, pardon my French, but this sounds flippin’ wonderful! Seriously, listening to Cage unleash the F-word through reciting famous movie lines or just running the F-bomb gamut with different inflections to demonstrate its myriad meanings is great. In each 20-minute episode that’s focused around one swear word, Cage is joined by comedian talking heads discussing what they love about each curse, as well as lexicon experts who break down the etymology of the words we don’t say around our mothers. [Tuesday, Jan. 5]

Headspace Guide to Meditation, Season 1
Remember when TV shows based on blogs were all the rage? Now TV shows based on phone apps are a thing. Though not quite the same as HBO Max’s excellent A World of Calm, Netflix’s Headspace Guide to Meditation also attempts to bring some wellness and healthy living to viewers through a totally chilled-out instructional guide to embracing meditation. It’s animated and narrated by a guy with a British accent, so if that doesn’t mellow you out, nothing will. [Trailer]

The Best Shows of 2020

Everything Else

Pieces of a Woman
No, it’s not a documentary about Real Dolls. This film did the festival circuit and has gotten decent reviews, particularly for star Vanessa Kirby and her portrayal of a woman going through grief after a home birth ends in tragedy. Shia LaBeouf also stars, but given recent news around him, Netflix would prefer that we don’t mention that. [Thursday, Jan. 7]

Asphalt Burning
She wants to watch a nice romantic comedy. He wants to watch a macho movie about cars. Asphalt Burning will save their relationship. The Norwegian action comedy has a premise so dumb, it’s actually great. A man has to win a car race in order to marry the woman he wants to be his wife, or something. But you won’t care what it’s about when the cars are going VROOM VROOM all over the place. This is actually the third movie in the franchise, and yeah, I immediately checked to see if the other two were on Netflix, and nope. [Trailer / Saturday, Jan. 2]

Dream Home Makeover, Season 2
Season 1 only came out in October, but Shea and Syd McGee of Studio McGee must be renovating houses 24/7 because Season 2 is here less than three months later. [Trailer]

The Minimalists: Less Is Now
Hey, you got too much crap. Get rid of it all, according to these two guys who embrace the minimalism movement, which says material possessions are the root of our discontent. Marie Kondo is a hoarder compared to these people. [Trailer]

The Best New TV Shows of 2020 to Binge-Watch

Monarca, Season 2
A woman returns home to take her shot at claiming the family tequila empire in this Mexican drama. Will she get drunk on power, will the pressure hang over her, or will she throw up her arms in despair? [Trailer]

What Happened to Mr. Cha?
In this dark comedy movie from Korea, a popular actor gets buried under a bunch of rubble and reflects on his life where he reckons with who he’s become. BRB, going underneath some rubble to really find myself. [Trailer]

Gabby’s Dollhouse, Season 1
Ever wish a child’s imagination could be captured, deconstructed, and reassembled by a bunch of grown-ups? That’s pretty much what happens in this pre-tweens show about a vivacious girl with a magical dollhouse. [Trailer / Tuesday, Jan. 5]

Nailed It: Mexico!, Season 3
Otra vez, Nailed It! The baking competition that celebrates failure returns south of the border. [Trailer / Tuesday, Jan. 5]

Ratones Paranoicos: The Band That Rocked Argentina
The Rolling Stones-influenced 1980s Argentinian rock band Ratones Paranoicos gets a music doc. [Trailer / Wednesday, Jan. 6]

Surviving Death, Season 1
You ever almost die? See that white light? Talk to your dead grandma? Watch The OA? Then this docuseries featuring survivors of near-death experiences and other experts in mortality discussing what happens when we expire will be right up your alley. [Trailer / Wednesday, Jan. 6]

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