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Netflix cancels Away after one season. Created by Andrew Hinderaker, Away follows astronaut Emma Green (Hilary Swank) as she leads the first crewed mission to Mars called the Mars Joint Initiative. Emma struggles with leaving behind her husband (Josh Charles) and teenage daughter (Talitha Bateman) after her husband suffered a stroke. The international space crew embarks on a three-year mission, tensions rise when Emma’s leadership is questioned following her response to an incident at the start of the mission. Throughout the 10-episode first season, the crew faces technical challenges, personal relationships troubles, and the people left on Earth. The sci-fi drama series was inspired by Chris Jones’ Esquire article of the same name.

After surviving a failed water system for weeks and several life-threatening situations, the season 1 finale, “Home,” sees the Atlas spacecraft crew arriving at their destination, making them the first people to land on Mars. The season ends on a satisfying note, with a hopeful message about unity among a group of people from different countries. They put aside the conflicts that divided them on Earth to come together as a new planet. The season finale also left several questions to be answered moving forward. What will happen after the crew disobeyed their orders, as well as the challenges the astronauts will face on Mars, would have been explored in season 2.

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According to Deadline, Netflix is not renewing Away for a second season. The cancelation comes after the first season premiered on the streaming service a little over a month ago. Away saw high ratings in the U.S., ranking among Netflix’s top 10 series and holding the No. 2 spot for its first week of release.

Away is one of several shows Netflix has canceled this year. The popular and highly-rated wrestling comedy-drama series GLOW was abruptly canceled before season 4 was finished filming. Mystery teen drama series The Society and coming-of-age series I Am Not Okay With This were also not picked up for a second season. While all three shows were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, other recently canceled shows like Teenage Bounty Hunters and Altered Carbon were not renewed due to low ratings.

Away‘s cancelation may have been easy to see coming considering Netflix has been infamous lately for axing shows too soon. It’s sad to see the show discontinued, as the first season had a great message, and there was still so much to explore going forward. At least there’s always the stellar first season on Netflix to enjoy.

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