20 Strongest Main Characters Ranked

The list of the 20 strongest main characters in entertainment is a ranking of the most powerful and influential fictional characters in various works.

The top 10 strongest anime characters 2020 are ranked.

There are hundreds of great characters in the Sailor Moon series. They each have their own attacks and power sets based on certain elements. Some are very strong and can change into even more powerful versions of themselves, while others are just unimpressive in terms of sheer strength.

Without further ado, here are the top 20 Sailor Guardians, listed in order of strength from weakest to strongest. 

Sailor Luna (number 20) 


Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians are advised, guided, and trained by Luna, a talking black cat. She is knowledgeable and assists the magical girls in bringing their adventures back to earth when they get too irrational. She gets bathed in the Silver Crystal during the mid-series and has the power to change into a human form as Sailor Luna. 

Sailor Luna is unpredictably unpredictable and weak in comparison to the others due to her inability to retain her human form in a variety of situations. For example, if she sneezed or fell asleep, she would return to her toy cat shape. 

She also portrays cat traits as a human, which may be seen as a flaw in certain respects. In her human form, for example, she is still frightened of dogs and is easily distracted by cat toys. She uses a massive folding fan as a weapon, although it isn’t very effective. 

Sailor Quartet (19.)


The Amazoness Quartet is made up of four individuals named after four asteroids in the Solar System: Sailor Ceres, Sailor Vesta, Sailor Juno, and Sailor Pallas. They are in charge of protecting Sailor Chibi Moon, and at one point in the narrative, they would join Sailor Chibi Moon in fighting Sailor Galaxia. 

Though they are renowned for their strength in numbers, the danger they presented was never significant, making them one of the Sailor Scouts’ weakest units. They use circus talents like conjuring plants, summoning lemures, manipulating dolls, and snatching dreams in their assaults. 

Sailor Kakyuu, number 18


The princess of the planet Kinmoku is Sailor Kakyuu (also known as Princess Kakyuu in the anime). After her planet was destroyed by the Shadow Galactica Empire, she escaped to Earth. She is dressed in an orange-red transparent skirt with a star tiara, choker, blue ribbons, and a star tiara. 

Her energy strike, Starlight Royal Straight Flush, is modeled after the greatest hand in a card game, although it is weaker than the others. When she joins up with Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Asteroid Senshi, she can be seen struggling to keep up with the others. Sailor Galaxia’s servants, Sailor Chi and Phi, also murder her.  

Sailor Star Healer (#17)


After Sailor Galaxia destroyed their homeworld, Sailor Star Healer and the other Starlights came to Earth. She is a male student at Juban High School in her civilian form. She joined the Three Lights and joined forces with her fellow Sailor Guardians to take on Galaxia. 

She possesses the ability to heal, as her name implies, and she is the most spiritually attuned of the group. She can tell when Galaxia or her minions have stolen the Star Seeds, for example. 

Star Sensitive Inferno is one of her most potent attacks. An offensive assault in which a bolt of lightning is fired towards an opponent in order to damage them. She could also use it to do maximum damage to opponents, although she only does it infrequently and just to weaken them. She can also teleport and sprout wings as a Sailor Starlight, providing her an edge against the other Sailors. 

Sailor Star Maker (nineteen)


Star Maker, a member of the trio of Starlights (Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Fighter, and Sailor Star Maker), arrived on Earth as Kou Taiki, a male student at Juban High School. She demonstrates a high degree of intellect by receiving the highest test marks and outperforming Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury) in examinations. 

Star Gentle Uterus is an energy conversion attack that fires numerous balls of light. It’s an offensive move that can kill, much as Sailor Star Healer’s, although Star Maker seldom utilizes it in that form. She possesses the power to teleport and sprout wings, much like the other Starlights. 

Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi (Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi) (Sailor Chi and 


Sailor Galaxia’s faithful attendants are Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi. In Shadow Galactica, they are also the second in command. They’re known as the Star Gardeners, and they keep an eye on the star seeds in the Star Garden. They are also Sailor Galaxia’s messengers and assist in the management of the other slaves. 

They each have a staff with a sun symbol on it that they employ in battles and to gather Star Seeds. They are strong opponents, having assassinated Sailor Kakyuu, the three Sailor Starlights, and Sailors Lethe and Mnemosyne. 

14. Sailor Moon Sailor Chibi


In her human form, Sailor Chibi Moon is known as Chibiusa. She is the daughter of King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity. She is also known to be the Silver Millennium’s heir. She exhibited indications of lack of development and magical powers in her early phases, leading some to think she was not the king and queen’s biological daughter. The truth is that she hasn’t fully developed her abilities yet. 

She has the potential to be a formidable opponent. This was shown when she was turned into Black Lady, an evil version of herself who presented a serious danger to her mother’s Sailor Senshi squad. She has the ability to change into Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon as Sailor Chibi Moon, offering her a variety of abilities.

She was also able to restrain Mistress 9 with her blast of Pink Sugar Heart Attack in one instance, something the other five Sailor Guardians failed with. 

Sailor Mars (#13)


Usagi discovers Sailor Mars, also known as Rei Hino, as the second Sailor Senshi. In civilian form, she possesses fire-related skills and can utilize extraordinary capabilities. She is, however, a low-ranking figure on the power spectrum. 

While other Sailor Senshis go through transformations and gain new abilities, Sailor Mars does not. She has the ability to control and unleash powerful fire strikes against her foes, although they seldom cause significant damage.

She typically paralyzes them until the other Senshis arrive. She does, however, have certain psychic talents that come in handy at times, such as the ability to perform fire readings, expel bad spirits, and have a sixth sense. 

Sailor Mercury (#12)


Sailor Mercury, also known as Ami Mizuno in normal life, is one of the Solar System’s original five Inner Sailor Guardians. Sailor Moon is the first to discover her as a Sailor Senshi. She is renowned for her technological prowess, often using supercomputers to gather valuable data during fights. She is often referred to as the group’s “brains” and is said to have an IQ of at least 300 by other characters. 

She also has ice and water-related abilities. Shine Aqua Illusion is one of her offensive techniques, capable of freezing opponents in solid ice, forming a protective barrier, or projecting it. She possesses more non-magical things than the other Senshis, in addition to her abilities.

Her tiny supercomputer can scan her surroundings, monitor the movements of adversaries and friends, and identify enemy weak spots. Other equipment and weapons, such as the Sailor Star Tambo and the Mercury Harp, are given to her in a few titles in the series. 

11. Jupiter, the Sailor


The Inner Guardians’ superpower is Sailor Jupiter, better known as Makoto Kino. She is one of the few Sailor Senshis who has shown incredible power and combat prowess by beating opponents without assistance. She also has a strong, independent attitude and, due to her height, stands out among the other Senshis. 

Her abilities are related to electricity and the soil. Supreme Thunder is one of her most powerful attacks, in which she fires white lightning bolts at her foes. Sailor Jupiter is also capable of superhuman strength. She is known as the “muscle” of the group, in addition to being a skilled martial artist.

Despite the fact that her magical abilities are limited, she is one of the most powerful Sailor Scouts, capable of crushing opponents with sheer force.

Sailor Venus is number ten.


Minako Aino, commonly known as Sailor Venus, was the first Sailor Scout to become the Inner Senshi’s leader. Despite the fact that Sailor Moon is generally portrayed as the Senshis’ squad captain, the honor belongs to Sailor Venus. She eventually becomes Princess Serenity’s protector. 

She has a sympathetic and gentle nature, and she is often nice to her fellow Senshis. Until she was awakened as Sailor Venus, she pretended to be a superhero known as Sailor V, showing her skill in hand-to-hand fighting. 

In her human form, she has unique abilities, such as the ability to leap very high and sprint extremely quickly. Her abilities are linked to love and light in her Senshi form. She has the ability to target and influence people’s emotions, while being underappreciated.

As a result, she’ll be a surprise hidden power in combat. When it comes to fights, she demonstrates maturity, cunning, and great intellect, and she is often the group’s strategist. 

Neptune, the Sailor


Michiru Kaiou, popularly known as Sailor Neptune, is a stunning and delicate-looking young lady. In both manga and anime, she is portrayed as the pinnacle of pure beauty and feminity, with a passion for music and swimming. Her classmates often refer to her as the “perfect princess.”   

She has telepathic and precognitive skills, as well as sea-based powers. She wields a unique hand mirror known as the Deep Aqua Mirror, one of three potent Talismans. She summons incredibly strong and deadly attacks via the mirror.

She also wields the Marine Cathedrale violin, which she uses to summon the Submarine Violon Tide assault. Even in civilian form, she has precognitive powers, capable of sensing the presence of evil. 

She protects the Moon palace and is the Moon Kingdom’s first line of defense against attackers, since she lives on the furthest planet from the moon. 

Uranus, the Sailor


Haruka Tenou, or Sailor Uranus, is one of the four Outer Senshi. She is also the sweetheart of Sailor Neptune. In contrast to her boyfriend Michiru, she is portrayed as haughty and obstinate. She is called the anti-hero of the guardians because she is confident, forceful, and brave.

She often makes touch decisions that aren’t ideal or realistic. She has a great desire to rid the world of evil, and she is willing to go the additional mile to vanquish her foes.  

She wields the Space Sword and possesses earth-based powers. The Space Sword is one of three strong Talismans she wields to physically strike opponents or discharge destructive energies at them. World Shaking and Space Turbulence are two of her deadly assaults.

She is also a top-tier athlete who has received martial arts training. In addition, she manifests psychic and cognitive talents in the form of dreams. 

Chibi Chibi Sailor Sailor Sailor Sailor Sailor Sailor Sailor Sailor Sa


Sailor Chibi Chibi, commonly known as Chibi Chibi, is Sailor Galaxia’s Star Seed. As Chaos took over Sailor Galaxia’s body, her Star Seed abandoned her and metamorphosed into Chibi Chibi. 

She has some very strong talents. She now serves as a supporter for the Senshis. She has the ability to enhance the skills of the other Senshis, making her a valuable ally on their side of the fight. She also has the ability to change into weapons that the other Senshis can employ.

When the Senshis battled Galaxia, she, for example, transformed into a sword. She can also transport and transfer a large number of humans across long distances.

The Starlights refer to her as the “light of hope” during their battle with Galaxia, implying that she is their only hope of defeating her. Chibi Chibi, on the other hand, is still a toddler, which means she has lots of opportunity to grow and develop new skills.

Though her entire range of abilities isn’t seen, she’ll undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with once she’s fully developed. 

Pluto, the Sailor


Setsuna Meiou, better known as Sailor Pluto, is the Time and Space Guardian. She is the most senior of the Senshis, as well as the most experienced. She is in charge of guarding the Space-Time Door and prohibiting anybody from using it without authorization. She is very responsible and always adheres to the regulations. 

Her abilities are centered on the concepts of time, space, and darkness. She has the ability to manipulate time, but only under severe situations. She freezes time in its tracks to save Chibiusa’s life in the Black Moon Arc.

She can also control the opening and shutting of the Space-Time Door, which she utilized to aid Pharaoh 90 in his downfall. She also demonstrates her strength by going toe-to-toe with Sailor Moon while stopping her from using the Space-Time Door. 

She does not get to do much else as a Sailor Guardian since she is actually a guardian. Her Garnet Rod is also the source of her powers and attacks, which means she can’t accomplish anything without it. This puts her at a significant disadvantage. 

Saturn, Sailor


Hotaru Tomoe, commonly known as Sailor Saturn, is the Senshi of Death and Rebirth. She has destructive, death, rebirth, and ruin abilities. She is renowned as a deity of devastation, with enormous destructive abilities and the ability to wipe out whole galaxies or restart their development. 

Her power, however, comes at a high cost, making it more of a one-time use scenario. Sailor Saturn dies and is resurrected as a baby when she utilizes her tremendous abilities. Her abilities are so strong that villains like Pharoh 90 and Mistress 9 have attempted to take control of her. She can also generate force fields and energy beams, as well as cure minor injuries. 

She is placed into stasis to preserve the planet and herself from her power, and she is only reawakened in grave situations when she is required to wipe away everything in order to start again. 

4. Galaxia, the Sailor


The primary adversary of the fifth narrative arc is Sailor Galaxia, a human-like female extraterrestrial. She declares herself to be the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica and the Guardian of Solitude.

She was formerly a Senshi, but she was taken over by Chaos, who turned her wicked and amplified her abilities against the other Senshis. Galaxia is the polar opposite of Sailor Moon; while Sailor Moon loves all life, Galaxia wants to put an end to everything. 

Her desire for power drove her to kill innumerable planets and collect the star seeds of their inhabitants in order to grow even more powerful. With a flick of her wrist, she can obliterate worlds. She’s also succeeded in killing more Senshis than any other villain, reanimating them as her henchmen or puppets.

Except for Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, and the Sailor Starlights, she was able to exterminate all of the Sailor Senshis in the series. 

Serenity, the Neo Queen


Neo Queen Serenity is Sailor Moon’s future form and the Thirtieth Century’s Queen of the Moon and Earth. She is also the mother of Chibiusa and the wife of King Endymion. She is credited with healing the globe of all evil and disease, and she has been dubbed the Messiah of Peace by certain Senshis. 

Although her role in the anime is minimal, it’s safe to assume that Neo Queen Serenity has all of Sailor Moon’s abilities in addition to her present ones. She has the ability to regenerate and can create weapons and things out of thin air. She can also utilize the Millennium Crystal much more efficiently than Sailor Moon has been able to accomplish thus far. 

Sailor Moon (#2)  


Usagi Tsukino, better known as Sailor Moon, is the Soldier of Love and Justice. Physically, she isn’t the most strong, often depending on her allies and having difficulty fighting her foes. She is, however, the only one capable of wielding the Silver Crystal, the ultimate source of total and unlimited power. 

She also has the power of love, which is the most powerful kind of power in the Sailor world. She has the ability to repair and restore damaged and contaminated things with her loving power. What Sailor Saturn can destroy, Sailor Moon is believed to be able to restore. Her tiara can unleash a barrage of powerful strikes, supersonic waves, and even a magical kiss. 

Her bravery and unwavering desire to rescue the person she is battling since there is yet hope for them contribute to her strength. Her tremendous potential, on the other hand, is what sets her apart. Fans may watch Usagi change into many forms as the narrative progresses, making her a fearsome force. 

1. Cosmos, the Sailor  


Sailor Cosmos is the most advanced future form of Sailor Moon that fans are aware of, despite the fact that she is never shown in the anime. She is the most powerful character in the series and remains a mystery presence even at the conclusion. She seems to possess not just Sailor Moon’s skills, but also those of the other Senshis. 

She can also predict the future and predict future occurrences, giving her an edge when it comes to enemy assaults or the futures of people she is with. She completely dominates the other Senshi with skills that no one else can match, making her the greatest Senshi.

The who is the strongest anime character in the world is a question that has been asked many times. In this article, I will rank the 20 strongest main characters from an anime series.

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