15 Of Hawkeye’s Deadliest Villains (Ranked)

Despite the hero’s popularity, there are plenty of villains in Marvel who might just be more deadly than he is. From Bullseye to Hela, each supervillain has their own unique backstory and abilities that make them menacing enough to take on Hawkeye.

Hawkeye has been on the big screen for nearly three decades. He’s had lots of baddies to fight–some memorable, some forgettable–but these are his 15 deadliest villains, ranked from least to most deadly.The “list of hawkeye villains” is a list that ranks the 15 deadliest villains from the hit show, “Hawkeye.”.

Clint Barton, nicknamed Hawkeye, has a unique skill set that distinguishes him as one of the few Avengers who lacks superhuman abilities. Despite this, he battled some of the Marvel Universe’s fiercest enemies and maintained his footing.

Here’s a ranking of the 15 scariest enemies Hawkeye has ever encountered, both in the comics and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Death-Throws (15.)


The Death-Throws are a criminal organization recruited by Crossfire, another figure on this list. If you thought Hawkeye is insane for fighting cosmic entities with just a bow and arrows, then these men will blow your mind.

The majority of the Death-Throw members are jugglers, each with their own arsenal of weapons and explosives. Some people utilize explosives, while others employ sharp rings, and so on. The team originally debuted in Captain America #317 and has often returned to combat Hawkeye.

Hawkeye never appeared to have any issue beating them, so I assume they aren’t very good at their job. Despite this, they keep returning, and their unique approach to battle earns them a place on the list.

The Ringmaster is number fourteen.


Hawkeye has battled the Ringmaster many times, and he is a very deadly opponent. I’d love to see him and his Circus of Crime appear in the new Hawkeye series, but it all depends on the authors’ intentions.

The Circus of Crime is a circus, but they don’t only perform for the public; they all follow the Ringmaster’s orders and commit horrific atrocities. He has a tremendous skill set and has fire eaters, clowns, jugglers, strongmen, and others battling for him.

People are hypnotized by the Ringmaster so that they would do anything he desires. He may not have been the most deadly opponent one-on-one, but he utilized his abilities to control a slew of supervillains and other strong foes in order to defeat Hawkeye.

He even attempted to persuade Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye to join his squad, but they rejected, making him Hawkeye’s arch-enemy.

Hangman (#13)


The Hangman is a little darker than what we’ve seen from Hawkeye in the past. He’s from Hawkeye’s narrative when he dives into the realm of occult magic and battles the villains who utilize it for evil.

Hangman, alias Jason Roland, was one of his adversaries at the time. After making a bargain with a demon named Satannish to become a renowned actor, he battled Clint and the West Coast Avengers, since his career had been failing badly up to that moment. 

Roland, on the other hand, was duped by the demon and transformed into the Hangman, a malevolent monster with superhuman strength and invulnerability but no empathy or good left in him. To assault his foes, he utilizes an indestructible magical rope. He also uses it to float and ascend anywhere he wants without having to tie the rope miraculously.

A.I.M. is the abbreviation for the acronym A.I.M.


Advanced Idea Mechanics, or A.I.M., was once a division of HYDRA that subsequently formed its own entity. In Iron Man #201, a bunch of criminal masterminds assaulted Hawkeye’s West Coast Avengers for the first time. They’ve been at odds with Hawkeye ever since, and they’ve clashed many times.

Not only do A.I.M.’s intelligence and battle abilities make them deadly, but so do their resources. They enlisted the help of some of Hawkeye’s major foes to assault him and the other Avengers. Clint routinely dealt with them on his own since they aren’t superhuman-level dangers.

Clown No. 11


Hawkeye encountered countless human-level challenges, but the Clown, Kazimierz Kazimierczak, was one of the most heinous villains he had met. Hawkeye Vol. 4 #8 featured the villain for the first time.

Before his boyhood buddy died suddenly, Kazimier was simply a regular person. It permanently affected Kazimier, prompting him to resort to crime before adopting the Clown persona and becoming a serial murderer.

While he lacks superhuman abilities, he has no other motivation for murdering people but to cause havoc and ruin. That worldview made him a lethal and frightening monster, but Clint finally put an end to his homicidal rampage.

Because he also interacted with Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye in the comics, and we know we’ll see a lot of her in the show, I believe it’s reasonable to anticipate the Clown to feature in the new Hawkeye series that’s coming out shortly.

The Swordsman is number ten.


Despite the fact that he was merely human, the Swordsman posed a significant threat to Hawkeye since they had a history together before Barton’s transformation. While Hawkeye was in the criminal circus, The Swordsman taught Clint how to handle swords, knives, and other such weapons. That’s also where he learned to shoot a bow and arrow.

Hawkeye, on the other hand, turned on the Swordsman and attempted to report him in after realizing that the circus and the Swordsman were preparing him to be their thief. This time, the master triumphed against the trainee, who fled to pose a long-term danger to Hawkeye.

After some convincing, Barton convinced the Swordsman that there was a better, a better life for him, and the villain changed his mind, joining the Avengers and ultimately falling in love with and marrying Mantis. Yes, he was an oddball, but the fact that Clint learned half of his talents from him makes him a potentially dangerous individual.

Trick Shot No. 9


Trick Shot is the only archer that can compete with Hawkeye in the archery field. They have identical skillsets and even wear similar costumes, but what’s astonishing is that he always wins when he fights Clint. How? He’s the one who taught Hawkeye how to use a bow and arrow.

Buck Chisholm, as the original Trick Shot was dubbed, had more experience than Clint while having the same skill set (including knife and sword training from the Swordsman).

Despite the personal connection with Buck, Clint was far more moved by the second Trick Shot. Barney, his long-lost brother, was the one who killed in the battle with Egghead. Baron Zemo, on the other hand, was seeking vengeance on Barton, so he devised a method of resurrecting his brother and programming him to murder his brother.

It backfired, however, as the brothers reconciled and joined forces to fight the Baron.

The Hood is number eight.


After Wilson Fisk, the former Kingpin of Crime, was taken away, The Hood wanted nothing more than to be the next Kingpin of Crime. He carries two weapons and is recognized for his bright red hood, which earned him the moniker.

In Hawkeye: FreeFall (2020), I adored his narrative with Hawkeye since it was a classic example of a hero battling an evil and becoming the same monster he was fighting.

Hawkeye couldn’t get to the Hood using his usual methods because of his immense strength. As a result, he too chose to become a crime boss. He was a drug-dealing crime lord who was doing all he could to deplete the Hood’s resources. 

Clint stole his company to get even with him, but are you really that different from the evil you’re battling if you wind up doing the same thing? Is the final aim worth the effort?

Crossfire is number seven.


Crossfire is one of Hawkeye’s major antagonists and one of the most deadly foes he’s ever met. Crossfire is an expert with many types of weaponry, particularly guns, but it’s his cybernetic implants that give him the upper hand.

He was also a CIA operative who had mastered all of the fighting methods available, making him even more lethal. Crossfire engaged Hawkeye many times, demonstrating that he is a formidable opponent for the Avenger, but he also faced the very powerful Moon Knight, shooting him once.

He has a personal vendetta against Hawkeye, since he was the one who hired the Death-Throw gang to assassinate Clint.

Taskmaster No. 6


Taskmaster is a well-known supervillain with photographic reflexes, an incredibly unusual skill. He has the ability to memorize other people’s movements and combat patterns and execute them twice as quickly. That’s why he’s one of the most lethal one-on-one opponents you’ll ever face — whatever you can do, he can do better.

Tony Masters, as the Taskmaster, studied, battled, and polished the abilities of practically every member of the Avengers and a slew of other heroes, making him almost unbeatable. He has Hawkeye’s archery talents, Black Knight’s swordsmanship, Captain America’s shield, and hand-to-hand fighting abilities, among many other things.

However, the ability’s name is deceptive. It’s not so much a reflex as it is a deliberate activity. If Taskmaster wishes to replicate and learn someone’s movements, he must “create space” in his memory, which causes him to forget something else. 

To avoid forgetting everything about himself other than fighting, Masters only learns talents he believes will be useful to him, rather than everything he observes in battle.

5. The Baron Helmut Zemo is a German politician.


After the events of Captain America: Civil War, and particularly after the TV program The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, mainstream audiences despised Baron Zemo for turning Bucky into the Winter Soldier. In the MCU, he got a beautiful, loveable twist of character, but in the comics, he’s not so loveable.

He’s a ruthless criminal, but not due of his fighting or weaponry abilities. He’s dangerous since he’s a tenacious and skilled manipulator. He had total command over the Winter Soldier, but that’s just the beginning. Zemo’s father was a Nazi and a Hydra operative, and all he wants to do is live up to the ideal he believes his father embodied.

The Baron has gained control of various powerful gangs of criminals and supervillains that are willing to die for him, and his ability to manipulate and control others makes him almost untouchable and incredibly deadly.

Hawkeye has had to deal with Zemo on many occasions, including confronting his evil organizations such as the Masters of Evil, the Thunderbolts, and others.

4. Hit the bullseye


On this list, Bullseye is another another superb marksman, therefore Hawkeye seems to be pitted against those who can equal him in terms of skill. Bullseye, on the other hand, isn’t your average marksman; he never misses. Despite the fact that the competition is fierce, this gives him Marvel Comics’ best chance.

What makes him even more dangerous is that he can turn any thing into a lethal weapon, including stones, staples, and even pencils, thanks to his marksmanship.

In the Dark Avengers storyline, when Norman Osborn took control of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s activities and formed the Dark Avengers, Bullseye and Hawkeye established an enmity. He recruited Bullseye to imitate Hawkeye and tarnish his reputation as much as possible, which Clint, as you can guess, did not enjoy.

3. Loki


Almost all of the villains on the list thus far have come from Marvel Comics, but Clint Barton from the MCU has some formidable foes as well. Loki was one among them, and he swiftly became someone Barton despised.

Loki uses the Mind Stone-powered scepter to possess Hawkeye in the first Avengers film, turning him into a mind-controlled slave who performed Loki’s dirty work by murdering S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, battling the rest of the Avengers, and so on.

Barton had a special loathing for Loki once he broke free from mind control, and he went for him in the Battle of New York. Loki would go on to become one of the most adored MCU characters, but he was the MCU’s top villain at the moment.

Black Widow is number two.


It’s right, you read that accurately. Apart from biological relatives, Hawkeye and Black Widow are the closest friends you can find. They are truly family. They had a similar tale, turning good from evil and joined the Avengers at the same time. Clint saved Natasha’s life in Budapest, and these two are the best friends on the planet.

In a parallel universe, the Ultimate Marvel Universe, the same was true. Nat and Barton were similarly great friends here, but with a twist: Black Widow had been manipulating and betraying Hawkeye and the rest of the Ultimates the whole while.

Hawkeye’s wife and children were brutally murdered by her, making her one of the deadliest and most dangerous enemies Hawkeye has ever seen. Especially in light of their intimate bond – how could he possibly attack her after all they’ve gone through together?

1. Thanos


Last but not least, Thanos is by far the most powerful and deadly supervillain Hawkeye has ever encountered. He didn’t appear in Avengers: Infinity War, but he reappeared in Avengers: Endgame to battle the Mad Titan.

Thanos is a Titan Eternal with Deviant Syndrome, making him the most powerful of all Eternals. To make matters worse, he was so power-hungry that he spent his whole existence attempting to figure out how to become the universe’s most powerful entity. This encompasses things like magical arts, esoteric studies, bionic augmentation trials, and even bartering with Death herself.

Even without the Infinity Stones, Bruce Banner claims to be one of the most powerful creatures in the universe – yet he fought the Avengers with the whole Infinity Gauntlet and a massive cosmic army. With a flick of his fingers, he wiped out half of the universe, making him by far the greatest adversary Hawkeye has ever faced.

The “hawkeye villains comic vine” is a video that ranks 15 of the most deadliest villains in the Marvel series, “Hawkeye”. The list includes characters such as Crossbones, Bullseye, and Baron Zemo.

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