R.I.P. – Harris Savides

I’ve never done an emblematic, ‘rest in peace’ post on this site, but I feel like it’s necessary on this occasion. On Tuesday 9th October, American cinematographer Harris Savides left this realm at the tender age of 55, after a battle with brain cancer.

A cinematic giant, Savides’ work with Ridley Scott (American Gangster), Sofia Coppola (Somewhere), David Fincher (The Game, Zodiac) and Gus Van Sant (Milk, Gerry, Elephant) is unparalleled. I mean, come on. THE GAME!

But the reason I’m really doing this post is to look back at his earlier work. Like all the greats, Savides started out crafting music videos. A plethora of incredible projects to his name, this is the one that really stands out. A poetic utopia that’s still as exhilarating as it was back in 1995. It’s visionary.


Were you like the thousands of Alien fan boys and girls that were disappointed with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus? Don’t worry, I may have found the perfect remedy to soothe your extra-terrestial ailments.

Take a look at this beautiful short from three wonder kids studying at Gobelins L’Ecole de L’Image, Paris. A stunning animation which encapsulates all the science fiction tropes we know and love: isolation, mystery and exploration.

More of this please. More now.

133: Prometheus (2012)

One day this will all be yours.

So, there’s this guy called Ridley Scott, right? Thirty three years ago he released the genre-bending masterpiece Alien. Part sci-fi, part horror, part psychological thriller, it shook up the world’s cinema screens and left audiences chilled to their bones, and afraid of stomach grumbles. Back in the present day, Scott is back in the intergalactic driving seat, inviting us all along for the prerequisite journey. Strap in, things could get bumpy.

Prometheus is a prequel of sorts to the Alien saga, only there is no Nostromo ship, no Ripley, and virtually none of the jump out of your seat/shit the bed scares. With seismic plot holes, fumbling dialogue and forgettable characters (with one robotic exception from Michael Fassbender), there’s a great deal wrong with the film, but it has many good points:

1) The bellowing music – awesome.
2) The fastidiously developed CGI – awesome.
3) A latex clad Charlize Theron as a heartless ship commander – obviously awesome.

Playing out like an extended episode of The X Files, Prometheus‘ biggest downfall is it’s inability to meet our collectively high expectations. But could it have ever reached such great heights? I doubt it.

Have a listen to the extended review with. SPOILER FREE, I PROMISE! Would love to know your thoughts on this.

Over and out.

IMDb it.

1) Apologies that the latter half of the review is a tad windy. It’ll all make sense once you listen in. It’s conceptual, right?

2) Yes, I do sound a lot more out of breath than Lasse, thanks for noticing. He was born Danish, cycling and fitness are in his genes.