#177: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

I love my iPad. Especially this great little game, ‘Angry Bat’.

In these grave times of austerity, why do we bother spending vast amounts of money to watch a big screen for a couple of hours? Why not jut stay in and watch god awful TV, like Not Going Out or *insert your favourite crappy show here*? I’ll tell you why, because the banality of life is quashed by the sheer spectacle of fanciful projected imagery, Dolby surround sound, complete darkness and stomach churning confectionary. In a word, escapism.

A space of solitude, your local cinema has paradoxically shifted into ‘the place where it’s at’ this weekend, ‘at’ of course being the final episode and nail in the coffin to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Roll up, roll up, we’ve got a wild one on our hands!

Costing a presumed $250,000,000, Warner Bros. are set to get their money back tenfold with The Dark Knight Rises. The biggest blockbuster of the year is bold  universally appealing; created by an immeasurably brilliant cast and crew. Puppet master Nolan has created an intelligent blockbuster which, although not as artistically successful as his previous two Batty films, certainly stands up to the rest of his lionised oeuvre.

Before you rush down to your cinema to get a ticket (that savers they haven’t already sold out yet), whip your ears around this Filmklubben special review of TDKR. It’s completely spoiler free, and as ever, almost passably funny, with Ella Woods lending her gab to it too. I hear Chrizzz Nolan is a fan, so that counts for something, right?

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