#159: American Movie (1999)

The American Dream

A somewhat cultish late nineties documentary, American Movie is able to tug on heartstrings, tickle funny bones and leave you wanting more. File next to Napoleon Dynamite, Belvaux’s Man Bites Dog, and all of Christopher Guest’s mockumentary work. Only this time, it’s real!

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114: For Your Consideration (2006)

Don’t look at the camera. It’s desperate.

Whey, it’s a funny one! Today’s bullet review is film number 114 out of the year’s 366 movies, the most recent feature from the creative genius Christopher Guest.

With the host of regular improv cohorts, and some scathing criticism of Hollywood Heights, For Your Consideration might not reach the colossally brilliant heights of This Is Spinal Tap or the poodle canoodling of Best in Show, but it still crams the comedic goods into a nice little package. Just like Stonehenge.

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PS – Still on the fence with the 4/5 out of 6 border zone. If you’ve seen the film, let me know where you stand/sit on the film. Maybe we could be friends? Imagine that. Friends.

084: David Holzman’s Diary (1967)

A hermetic New Yorker becomes obsessed with voyeur culture; filming the mundanity of his everyday life and trying to establish a sense of personal attachment to the indifferent world going on outside his apartment.

Long before Christopher Guest’s This is Spinal Tap, whilst only sporadically funny, David Holzman’s Diary is a first in mockumentary filmmaking. Presented as a poorly veiled, yet futuristically actualised critique on the cinéma vérité documentary movement, director Jim McBride succinctly raises the Orwell-like, prevalent question of authenticity in the media and societies’ fascination with recorded reality.


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