R.I.P. – Harris Savides

I’ve never done an emblematic, ‘rest in peace’ post on this site, but I feel like it’s necessary on this occasion.¬†On Tuesday 9th October, American cinematographer Harris Savides left this realm at the tender age of 55, after a battle with brain cancer.

A cinematic giant, Savides’ work with Ridley Scott (American Gangster), Sofia Coppola (Somewhere), David Fincher (The Game, Zodiac) and Gus Van Sant (Milk, Gerry, Elephant) is unparalleled. I mean, come on. THE GAME!

But the reason I’m really doing this post is to look back at his earlier work. Like all the greats, Savides started out crafting music videos. A plethora of incredible projects to his name, this is the one that really stands out. A poetic utopia that’s still as exhilarating as it was back in 1995. It’s visionary.