#145: World’s Greatest Dad (2009)

Have you seen my eyes? I certainly haven’t.

Yesterday, Sunday 18th June, was a particularly momentous occasion for paternal figures worldwide. A day to spread peace, love and understanding, as well as golf accessories and/or whisky tumblers. Yes, it was father’s day.

Knowing that I probably lost about half of the readers there, who are now frantically sending out belated e-cards to begrudging dads, I’ll press on. Today’s fourth and final film is Bobcat Goldthwait’s World’s Greatest Dad. Made on a minor budget a couple of years back, this small indie takes the paternal instinct and nurturing to dark new levels. Robin Williams plays failed author-cum-english teacher Lance. Desperate for his big break, his small-town life is put on hold when his brattish son Kyle inadvertently commits suicide whilst partaking in a particularly risky sexual act. Trying to cover up the particularly awkward demise of his universally disliked son, Lance may have just stumbled on the creative breakthrough he’s been longing for.

A morbidly black comedy in part, this feature film looks more like an accomplished TV-movie rather than a summer blockbuster. Stylistically plaintive and narratively clawing, this unabatingly indy flick loses it’s darkened charm halfway through, fatiguingly dragging itself to a well deserved dying point.

Film done. I’m done. Until next time – meaning tomorrow – au revoir.

IMDb it.