#166: A Bookshelf On Top of the Sky: 12 Stories About John Zorn (2002)

Kind of Blue.

When I’m not spending my time watching films, I like vociferous sounds. Constantly picking up new things wherever the world wide web might be taking me, I always find comfort going back to John Zorn. Meddling with the words of calypso, hardcore, western soundtracks, classical and free jazz, Zorn has always pushed the boundaries of musical experimentation, with a conviction and unbridled sense of artistry which leaves people either dumbfounded or crying. Sometimes both.

Somewhat of a pet project from obsessive fan Claudia Heuermann, A Bookshelf On Top of the Sky is a lightweight documentary which only manages to scratch on the surface of the man’s genius; spending too much time delving into unnecessary exposition of the filmmaker’s life, rather than her subject’s. Good enough, but you might as well spend the time listening to Spillane instead.

IMDb it.


  • You can watch the whole documentary on YouTube here. Don’t say I never do anything for ya.