#161: Bug (2006)

Acerbic horror drama. Now there’s a bright idea.

After a busy period producing a festival radio show at Roskilde (www.theenglishdandies.com, if you’re asking) I’m back on my movie-buff bandwagon with another Tracy Letts/William Friedkin joint. Although it doesn’t provide the pulpy jet black humour of their current smash Killer Joe, this thespian-friendly psychodrama is acerbically alluring.

Have a listen to the review below.

IMDb it.


  1. I’m quickly becoming a fanboy of Letts grim south screenplays, anyone have a recommendation of where to take it next? Any other writers/films I should be steering towards?
  2. If you’re not a fanboy/girl of the Letts yet then see Killer Joe. I can’t stress enough just how brilliant both the film and the play are.