Malignant Movie Explained (Plot And Ending)

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The malignant movie ending explained is a movie that follows the story of a man who falls in love with his wife’s best friend. The film begins by showing their relationship as it develops, but then quickly turns into something more sinister.

Malignant is a psychological horror film directed by James Wan, who is known for his work on Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring. The story revolves on a lady who is plagued by visions of murder that seem to be linked to the first eight years of her life, which she cannot recall. Annabelle Wallis and Maddie Hasson play the main parts in the cast. Horror is a difficult genre to master; what works for one person may not work for another. So watch it and decide for yourself whether you like it. Here’s how the movie Malignant’s storyline and conclusion are described; spoilers coming.

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The following are connections to important elements of the film:

The Plot of a Terrifying Film


Madison, who is in an abusive relationship with her husband, Derek, had a disagreement with him over her previous miscarriages. Derek loses his cool and slams Madison’s head against the wall, bleeding from the back of her skull.

That night, a mysterious monster assassinates Derek, and Madison is rushed to the hospital. Madison becomes a suspect since there is no proof of a break-in. Soon after, she starts to see visions of people being killed, heightening suspicions about her. 

Madison was formerly known as Emily and was being treated for a mental illness by Dr Florence Weaver, according to the inquiry. Madison claims to have seen a series of killings involving everyone who worked with Dr. Weaver to heal Emily. When Emily was eight years old, she was adopted and given the name Madison.

Madison is approached by a frightening voice who addresses her as Emily, prompting her to recall Gabriel, an imagined childhood buddy. Madison embarks on a quest to discover what happened to her as a kid and who Gabriel truly is after realizing Gabriel is more than her fantasy.

What ties Madison and Gabriel together? What is the real story behind Emily?


Madison was born as Emily and Gabriel, conjoined twins with a single brain. Gabriel gained extraordinary abilities, including superhuman strength and the capacity to transmit thoughts via radio waves. Dr. Weaver tried all he could to give Emily full control over her mind and body, but Gabriel was much too strong. Dr. Weaver, faced with no other option, chooses to remove Gabriel’s physical body and place a part of his head into Emily’s.

After this treatment, Gabriel goes inactive. Emily is taken in by a loving family and given the name Madison. Gabriel initially continues to talk to Madison and presents deceptive images in order to dupe her into murdering her unborn step sister. When Madison’s sister Sydney comes, Madison has no need for Gabriel, and he is buried deep in her mind, where he remains for the next 27 years.

Serena May, who is she? Emily was given up for adoption for a reason.


Emily’s biological mother is Serena May. She was compelled to carry her pregnancy to term after being raped. Emily discovered that her two children are conjoint throughout the procedure, and she believes them to be an abomination. Serena sent Emily+Gabriel away since she was young and didn’t want anything to do with her demon kid, and she was subsequently taken in by Dr. Weaver.

After all these years, why has Gabriel returned?

After Sydney was born, Gabriel became inactive. Derek awakens Gabriel by slamming Madison’s head against the wall. Gabriel has complete control of Madison’s mind and body, which is why he is facing backwards. Derek is the first person he murders that night. While we witness Madison being assaulted by Gabriel, this is just a figment of her imagination.

What about Madison’s pregnancies and miscarriages?

Gabriel was the one who murdered Madison’s unborn children and has steadily regained his power over time.

What are the names of the individuals Gabriel is murdering, and why are they being killed?

As retaliation for severing Gabriel’s limbs and organs and trapping him inside Emily’s head, Gabriel is killing everyone on Dr. Weaver’s team (including her).

Madison is able to see Gabriel’s killings in some way.

Gabriel can project false images for Madison since they share a brain, giving her the sense that she is inside her home. Gabriel then takes over her body and begins murdering one victim at a time. Madison has a tendency to break free from Gabriel’s hypnosis, which is why she finds herself transferred to a new place and witnesses Gabriel’s murders. It’s just what she believes she’s doing while she’s washing laundry at home in that moment. In fact, she (or rather, Gabriel) is killing Dr. Weaver.

What is the name of the woman that appears from the attic?


Serena May, Emily and Gabriel’s biological mother, has been imprisoned in Madison’s attic. Serena is Gabriel’s second-to-last murder, with Madison’s sister, Sydney, being his last target. Serena, however, breaks free and falls through the ceiling before Gabriel can end her.

Madison is apprehended by the police, who think she has abducted Serena. Madison’s motivation, they think, is that her therapy has stopped working, and she is blaming her mother and Dr. Weaver (and crew) for it, and she is bringing them down one by one. Madison is apprehended and imprisoned alongside a group of female prisoners who demand to be executed when they decide to start roughing up Madison.

Explanation of the Malignant Ending


The movie Malignant concludes with the revelation that Gabriel lives within Madison, emerges from the back of her brain, and takes possession of her body. Gabriel is able to hypnotize Madison and hold her in a trance while he does his wicked acts. Gabriel believes he has murdered Sidney and Serena, but we learn later that these are only images projected upon him by Madison. 

Gabriel goes to the hospital to see Serena after the massacre at the police station. Sidney is suffocated by a cot, and Gabriel is closing in for the murder. Madison is contacted by Sidney, who informs her that Gabriel is the one who has been murdering Madison’s unborn children. Madison becomes enraged and regains control of her thoughts as a result of this. She then conjures up a fictitious world for Gabriel. Madison understands that if Gabriel was able to trap her, she can do the same to him.

Madison imprisons Gabriel in a dark part of her mind, warning him that if he attempts to resurface, she’ll be ready. Madison also accepts the idea that if Gabriel had superpowers, she would possess them as well… after all, they shared a body. Madison throws the bed off Sidney with ease, and the two embrace as the movie draws to a conclusion.

Will Gabriel return in this heinous film?

Sure, Gabriel can, but Madison has full control over her mind, and therefore her body, as well as all of her newfound skills, such as broadcasting her thoughts to a radio. Even if Gabriel is able to reappear, Madison will be much too powerful for him to be of any use the next time around. Malignant is a fun superhero/villain origin tale, but I don’t believe the film should be carried into a sequel.


The malignant ending scene is the moment in the movie where everything goes wrong. It’s a moment that can be explained by looking at the plot of the movie and how it progresses.

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