God Eater Manga Reading Order (2021 Update)

The God Eater Manga is a long-running series of Japanese manga and anime. This article provides an updated reading order for the series in 2021, including new releases and reprints.

Have you seen the anime series God Eater? Or have you already completed the game and want to learn more about each character and explore God Eater’s huge world? Even if none of these is the cause and the God Eater just piques your curiosity, this reading sequence will help you read the God Eater manga in chronological order and in the order in which it was released. God Eater is a Japanese action role-playing game created and published by Bandai Namco Games. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, when terrible Aragami (aggressive god) have ravaged the planet and made a bright future for mankind appear unattainable. 

The player will control a God Eater (human with Aragami cell), a new kind of human who can battle the monster Aragami to defend the last 1% of the world’s population. Its manga has a reputation for making it difficult to decide which one to watch. So, if you’re interested in the manga series, I’d be happy to provide you with a guide to help you figure out what to read first. It will also include summaries of each manga, as well as the year in which it was released. As a result, you may begin by reading the manga that was originally published, and then piece together the tales after you’ve finished reading them all. So, let’s get this party started!

At A Glance: The Order of Reading in the God Eater Manga

Many people are perplexed since there are many media utilized to convey the God Eater narrative: an anime series, a light novel, a game story, and manga, however the primary emphasis of this article is on the God Eater manga reading sequence. Because the narrative in anime series is oriented on the game, God Eater manga has a distinct tale than anime. 

The manga, on the other hand, is unique in that it concentrates on all of the characters in God Eater’s narrative, both official and non-canonical. Let’s have a look at the God Eater manga tales and check out the reading sequence so that if you decide to read it, you’ll be able to follow along with the GE’s complicated narrative and chronology.

The following is the order in which the God Eater manga was released, as well as the year in which it was released:

  • The Messiah’s Return: God Eater (2009)
  • The Spiral Fate of God Eaters (2010)
  • The Summer Wars: God Eater (August 2011)
  • -the second break-, God Eater (December 2011)
  • 2- God Eater (February 2014)
  • God Eater 2: Undercover is a sequel to God Eater. is a sequel to God Eater. is a sequel to God Eater (July 2014)
  • -side by side- God Eater: (2015)
  • The God Eater Manga is arranged in chronological order.
  • A.D. 2068, God Eater: -side by side-
  • A.D. 2071, The Spiral Fate of God Eaters
  • The Summer Wars: God Eater
  • A.D. 2072, God Eater: The Messiah’s Return
  • -the second break-, God Eater
  • God Eater 2: Undercover
  • A.D. 2074, God Eater 2

God Eater Manga Reading Order


Now that you know the manga’s precise sequence, here are the many manga installments in the God Eater series, along with a brief summary of each:

The Messiah’s Return: God Eater

Eiji Karasuyama created this comic. Shounen Rival is the publisher. The tale takes place one year after the events of God Eater Burst in Fenrir America Branch. The narrative is set in 2072, and it follows Unit 1, the best God Eater group in the Fenrir America Branch, headed by commander Edger K. Rogers and his comrades Silva Orcride, Mizuki, and Jake. The manga follows Unit 1 as they do their duties to the best of their ability, bringing light to the surviving 1% of the human population by defending them and defeating Aragamis.

God Eater: The Spiral Fate

Because the protagonist is Ryo Kagami (a non-canonical character), rather than Yuu Kannagi, it is a manga that provides an alternative world to the God Eater series’ primary chronology. The tale is set in 2071, when the world is overrun by Aramis. The tale begins with Ryo Kagami, the commander of the first unit of Fanrir’s Far East Branch, returning from Finland to what was formerly known as Japan. After fighting Aragami, Ryo lost his memory, which led to an unexpected outcome. That event presents Unit 1 with a tough challenge: Unit 1 is really a leaderless group, and their position worsens when they are demoted to a backup unit and replaced with a new kind of God Eater Team Assasor.

The Summer Wars: God Eater

Okiura created the manga God Eater Summer Wars. Fujimi Shobo is the publisher. In contrast to the other God Eater Manga, this one includes a romantic subplot. This story tells a lot about how Alisa Ilinichina Amiella develops a feeling similar to respect for the 1st Unit leader, Yuu Kannagi. It’s not a romance because there’s a lot of fighting in this series as well, but it does tell a lot about how Alisa Ilinichina Amiella develops a feeling similar to respect for Yuu Kannagi. Following a series of events in their life as a God Eater in the Far East Branch. Alisa Ilinichina Amiella and Yuu Kannagi were sent to a protection operation on Aegis Island.

-The Second Break-, God Eater

Ikumi Katagiri drew this tale, which was published by Dengeki Maoh. In the manga, this is the precursor to God Eater 2. After the events of the God Eater Burst (the game), Alisa Ilinichina Amiella and Soma Schicksal are sent on a mission to see whether there are any new residential areas in the Far East Fenrir region in the year 2074. Alisa, Soma, and Kota Fujiki are the three main protagonists in the narrative. It occurs both before and after the events in God Eater 2.

2nd God Eater

Katagiri Ikumi is the author of this continuing manga, which is a straight translation of the videogame God Eater 2. It was serialized by ASCII Media Works and published in Dengeki NEXT magazine on February 27, 2014. The manga builds on the storyline of the original game and introduces Hiro Kamui. 

The plot focuses on the establishment of the Blood Unit and its newly chosen members Hiro Kamui, Ciel Alencon, Gilbert McLane, Nana Kazuki, and Romeo Leoni as they attempt to create a powerful team of recruits to stop the spread of the Black Plague. However, since they have distinct ideas and traits, it is not simple to do so. Gilbert McLane, in particular, must adapt to a new environment because he is from the opposite branch of Fenrir. 

Three years after the events of God Eater Burst, a new fatal pandemic known as the Black Plague, caused by red rain, has struck the Far East region, where the Friar (the transportation and also a mobile base where the Blood Unit is aboard) is headed to research the Friar research team’s God Arc Soldier program.

God Eater 2: Undercover

It is a God Eater 2 manga that will be published in the God Eater Magazine and will take place after God Eater -the 2nd break-. The plot revolves on a group of individuals who have just returned from a mission in Europe (sometime before God Eater 2). 

Yuu Kannagi, a former 1st unit commander of the Far East Branch who is now a member of the Cradle (an autonomous squad that travels the globe and examines the locations of Aragamis and discovers the last inhabitable places for Satellite houses) is the main character in this tale. 

Lindow, Anamiya, Tsubaki, Anamiya, Lydia Pazaroba, Kota Fujiki, Sakuya Tachibana, and Dr. Paylor Sakaki are the other characters in this tale.

Side by Side: God Eater 

It’s a manga that debuted on April 27th in Japan’s Dengeki Maoh magazine.

2015. Tatsumi O’Mori, the primary protagonist and former 2nd in command, is the center of the narrative.

Marco Donath, the unit’s commander. Brendan Bardell, Shun Ogawa, Karel Schneider, and Gina Dickinson are the other characters in this tale. This tale was told through the eyes of Tatsumi Oomori.

The God Eater: Side by Side is the only manga adaptation that does not include Alisa Ilinichina Amiella, along with God Eater: The Return of the Messiah.


Is the Manga Complete?

Except for God Eater: The Summer Wars, the majority of the God Eater manga is still unfinished. They aren’t even near to the conclusion yet, since they seem to be just halfway through the narrative. The major protagonists seem to have been introduced in the current volume of every God Eater manga, and their situation has been shown throughout the manga. The backstory of the other characters in God Eater: The Return of the Messiah and God Eater 2 has yet to be revealed. For example, we have no clue where Silva Orcride originated from or where Hiro Kamui came from. 

We only know a few details about the other characters, so it appears that the God Eater Manga isn’t even in the middle of the story yet. However, I notice that the beginning of the story is slowly introducing the backstories of the characters, so it appears that the God Eater Manga isn’t even in the middle of the story yet. Although the God Eater manga series is not yet complete, I think we can anticipate the next chapters to get more dramatic as the narrative continues.