Podcast #3: DIVE

osloIt’s our third episode, and we’ve decided to mess about with the podcast formula. From hereon in, each episode will see the chatty pair discuss films, music, poetry and literature that relate to the weekly theme or concept. This week, we chat about the arbitrary theme DIVE, with particularly heated discussion of the shattering Norwegian drama Oslo, August 31st. Immerse yourself in the podcast and bathe in all it’s nerdy glory!

On this week’s itinerary

Theme: DIVE

Listener suggestions

FILM: Yes way to Norway, discussion on Oslo, August 31st

SONG: Torgny – Dying Hipster (www.torgnymusic.com)

BOOK CLUB: The poetry of Joe Dunthorne

SONG: Tycho – Dive (via Ghostly International, www.tychomusic.com)


The wondrous new playwright John Osborne

FROST Festival warms up Copenhagen

Adam Buxton, causing a ruckus


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