Dearth Times and New Dawns

The Frame Loop has been in a state of dilapidation over recent months. Our busy work, study and life schedules outside of this passion project have seen it whimper and wilt like my grandfather’s untended allotment crops.

In some (mis)shape or (de)form, The Frame Loop has been bothering the internet for over two years. We’ve been fortunate enough to acquire some lovely followers, regular readers and even some hate mail. Upon reflection, we’ve decided that it would be a great shame to throw that all away for the sake of an enjoyable livelihood and social life. Yes, we really love hate mail.

So now, Rob Parker (him) and Luke Richardson (I) present, ‘The Frame Loop, 2.0‘. We’ve got a smashing new layout and dropped our minty fresh colour palette for a more luscious, Mardi Gras purple. Now all we need is some new content! We genuinely want to make The Frame Loop a hodgepodge melting pot for intellectual thought and irreverent witticisms from across the globe. Whether you are a budding comic strip illustrator, food recipe renegade, podcast contributor. or just a humble young film critic, stick us a word in our email – theframeloop (at) gmail dot com, and we’ll gladly consider it.

Until then, I’m finishing this somewhat self-flagellating post with a bit of optimism. Well, no actually. This semi-scorching Danish summer has seen me incongruously get back into the black scene. WAIT! Don’t leave yet. Amongst all the silly make-up and inane political standpoints, there’s an incredible use of melody and intricate arrangements in this increasingly populated subgenre. Effectively, black metal is the new post-rock, with crossover bands like LITURGY causing a stir, and San Fran’s DEAFHEAVEN turning everyone ballistic with the release of their new, Explosions in the Sky flecked album Sunbather. 

If you’re looking to inject a bit of vigour into your music palette, then look no further than our Spotify playlist. Sounding simultaneously euphoric and apocalyptic, these songs won’t be pestering your pop charts any time soon, but they’ll certainly encroach your brain space. Don’t worry, you’ll probably feel better for it.

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