Podcast #6: JUNGLE


After a short break, we rise out of the ashes of the last episode and return with the wildest edition of The Frame Loop podcast yet. This week’s theme is ‘JUNGLE‘. Listen in award winning master-baker Rob Fred Parker and cake eater connoisseur Luke Richardson as they explore Werner Herzog’s Peruvian Jungle epic Fitzcarraldo, the groundbreaking explorer Henry Walter Bates, and the return of legendary polymath artist David Bowie. All that, and so, so, so much more. Too much, frankly. We should really be getting paid for this stuff.

Our week in culture:

Rob looks at spaces, particularly, THE SPACE (feat. John Peels’ record collection, BBC drama series The Parade)

Luke chats on about ‘The Ultimate Cultural Innovator’ David Bowie

SONG: ‘Dirty Boys’ by David Bowie (from new album ‘The Next Day’, out now on ISO/Columbia Records)


SONG: ‘Jungle Boogie’ by Kool & The Gang (Mercury, 1973)


‘The Naturalist on the River Amazons by Henry Walter Bates (orig. 1859)

FILM: Fitzcarraldo (dir: Werner Herzog, 1982)

What cultural things are we looking forward to…

Stories @ The Invisible Dot / Lit. readings from Josie Long, Joe Dunthorne and Luke Wright (Thurs 28th March, more info here)

Stories We Tell / an engrossing personal essay film about knotted familial relationships (Released in DK on April 3rd, more info here)


Don’t forget to check out our favourite FIRE films, music, and art, and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and Soundcloud.

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