JUNGLE: Our music picks


Last week we gave you ‘FIRE‘, this week we give you ‘JUNGLE’. Admittedly, we could have given you ‘JUNGLE FIRE’, but that seems a little churlish.

This week on The Frame Loop, Rob and I spread our thematic nets around the cultural concept of ‘JUNGLE’. ‘What does that even mean?’, I hear you cry. Well, over the next coming days, we’ll treat you to our favourite films, literature and artworks that one way or another remind us of this theme and rural landscape. We finish up the week by plonking a podcast right into your ears come Friday afternoon. But first, we are kicking off with ‘jungle music’. Don’t worry, there’s no Ali G here. Nevertheless, jungle is massive, and our selection of songs backs that up.

Any songs we missed? The playlist is an open, collaborative one, so get Into the Jungle Groove and add any you think we’d be foolish to miss.

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2 thoughts on “JUNGLE: Our music picks

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