Podcast #5: FIRE!


RED ALERT! The Frame Loop podcast returns in a blaze of glory as we discuss cultural tidbits relating to the theme of FIRE. Tune in to hear a long critique Truffaut’s classic Sci-Fi flick Fahrenheit 451, some readings of Raymond Carver poems, and we get down and smokey with some bloody brilliant music. What are you waiting for?

Our week in culture:

Rob waxes lyrical about his favourite Willy (Mason)

SONG: ‘I Got Gold’ by Willy Mason (Fiction Records, 2012)

Our theme this week is FIRE!

SONG: ‘Fire’ by The Ohio Players (Mercury, 1974)

BOOK CLUB: Our fiery favourites…

Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five (Vintage, orig. 1969)

Raymond Carver’s Fires: Essays, Poems, Stories (Vintage, orig. 1985) (inc. 2 poetry recitals!)

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 (Flamingo Modern Classics, orig. 1951)

FILM: Fahrenheit 451 (dir: Francois Truffaut, 1966) (watch the whole thing here)

Next week’s shenanigans:

Circular Skys: Ten Minutes Older @ Shortwave Cinema (Sat 23rd March, more info here)

Mikkeller & Friends – The Grand Opening (Sat 16th March, mikkeller.dk)

-Toffee bonbons and bye byes! –

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #5: FIRE!

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