Podcast #2

#2: Pancakes to the Vatican Edition

Welcome to The Frame Loop podcast. The culture friendly, illegitimate love child of hosts Luke Richardson and Rob Parker.

In our second episode, we discuss the amazing goings on in our respective London and Copenhagen towns, with chat on the latest Tate Modern exhibition making quite the splash, the suited and booted BAFTA ceremony, a new album by raucous noise-punks Pissed Jeans, and how we like to chow down our pancakes. 100% Batter and Bullshit free.

On this week’s itinerary:

Hello/Goodbye to the Pope

Splashing out at Tate Modern

The suited and booted BAFTA chat

Slushpuppy vs. Hushpuppy – Beasts of the Southern Wild

Pissed Jeans – Vain in Costume (New LP out now via Sub Pop)

Getting brassy with The Horne Section

Batter Up with Pancake Chat

Strike a Pose: The World Photography Award Nominees

Political Point Scoring: House of Cards

Book Club: Seeing Stars by Simon Armitage

Bookended By Yorkshire-men

Sour Crepes – Pancake Natter No.2

Good Bye!

Recorded on Monday 11th Feb, 2013


The Frame Loop Podcast gives the world a chance to witness the dulcet tones of TFL editors, Rob and Luke. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and that ever wonderful SoundCloud.

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