The Sunday Babble: Hopping on the wagon


After having a meagre dinner of homemade chilli tomato soup and cumin-heavy naan breads, I was compelled to travel down to the corner shop below my apartment and pick up some alcohol. Well, it is the weekend, isn’t it? That’s what one does in Denmark.

They have a vast collection of distilled goods, but whisky was on my figurative menu. Johnnie Walker’s Red Label, 375ml – 150kr. Not a bad price by Copenhagen standards. After some over-the-counter small talk, I was convinced to up my game and ended up walking out with two 700ml bottles of Jack Daniels tucked under each arm at the cost of 350kr. While this was and, even in my bleary eyed Sunday state, still is an absolute must-buy steal-deal, I didn’t need such copious amounts of the luscious brown stuff. But something in-between the overly attentive staff, peer-pressure and my hankering for a good deal made it impossible to resist.

After two separate friends’ parties, I’m 350kr down with 1.5 bottles still left to drink, and a horrendous headache 16 hours since my lips last locked with the sweet liquid nectar. Although it was a fun night, I realise that the alcohol was an excessive weight on my mind and stomach the entire evening. I simply didn’t need it. Because of this, I have decided to give up on all alcohol for as long as I can handle. It may sound self righteous, churlish, and virtually impossible in a country so notorious for its drinking habits, but I have no such new years’ resolution to grapple with, and I like the challenge.

So, who’s with me? Probably no one. If you like to drink, are in good health and make such a mean whisky sour, why would you ever abstain? As yet, I’m really not sure the answer to this question, but I certainly hope to find out. If you have any words of advice, encouragement or slander, stop by Nørrebro and let me know. The drinks are on me.


Extra-fun, fun fact: The Danes equivalent of the term ‘hangover’ is tømmermænd, a direct translation of which means ‘timber-men’. Considering it’s almost impossible that such burly Scandinavian lumber jacks could ever suffer from overzealous alcohol consumption, I take the phrase in a verbal sense, as in, to be hungover means that you are being knocked about, chopped up and thrown into the warmth as kindling.

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