When I’m not watching movies, I watch bands. The best live show was far and away TRASH TALK. Their sound is a mixture of raw, primal hardcore, the frenzy of thrash, and doomy riffs. It’s loud, it’s energetic, it’s good.

Bored in stale Sacramento, the hardcore/thrash four piece relocated to California and got in with that ODD FUTURE crowd. Hold up. Regardless of what you think about that hyped Hip-Hop collective, TT are brutal as you like. Released in conjunction to their excellent new album 119, Pitchfork released this mini-doc about the band. If you can budge pass all the slacker-hipster bullshit, their music speaks, or rather shouts for itself.

I like to think this is exactly what DC was like in the early eighties, with Ian MacKaye getting up to all sorts of STRAIGHT EDGE shenanigans…meaning none.

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