#179: Super Fly (1972)


Aside from a couple of merited exceptions, the Blaxploitation film movement gets a bit of a bad rap today. If any rap at all. Whilst being a form of creative expressionism for black communities in the early seventies, it also managed to instigate an uneasy chauvinism, representing women as lustful, oppressive creatures, antagonising the revolting first wave feminism elite in the process. A subject that I’ve waxed lyrical about previously, the films are nonetheless fascinating artefacts of American cinema.

Super Fly is an early blaxploitation flick. Although setting the bar for what would follow, it’s main recognition and acclaim is directed towards the elaborate score from pioneering soul brother Curtis Mayfield. Decadent and harmonious, it is sequenced with a film about a man at the top of the drug dealing game, but desperately lining to get out of the business and start a clean life with the lady ladies in his life.

Here’s a little review with 366 Movies stalwart supporter Mads Kjeldgaard. Be warned, it gets a little bit sexy.

IMDb it.


  • Sorry Mads, I changed my mind since we did the recording. I’m sticking with a three out of six for this one. Stop crying. Deal with it.

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