#176: In China They Eat Dogs (1999)

Tickling your trotters.

The film industry is fucking massive. There’s no other way of putting it, really. I’f there’s anything this ‘film a day’ project has taught me, is that 366 movies a year doesn’t even skim the surface of the brilliant classics, forgotten gems, and blockbuster movies across the world. A small piece of the pie, but certainly a filling one.

Here’s another Danish for you to sink your pastry adoring faces into. Unlike the breakout success of Nightwatch a couple of films back, In China They Eat Dogs is a broader action-comedy which was never released in English-language cinemas. A shame that, as it’s bloody great.

A tale of competitive brotherhood, In China They Eat Dogs is a refreshing take on the heist genre, think along the lines of the Danish Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and you’re not far off.

Filled with a great deal of heart, action and with two compelling performances from Danish regulars Kim Bodnia and Dejan Cukic, regardless of the silly name, In China They Eat Dogs is the best Danish comedy you’ve never seen.

Put the review in your ears:

IMDb it.

2 thoughts on “#176: In China They Eat Dogs (1999)

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