#173: Nightwatch (1994)

Hush now, we don’t want to wake the resting.

With some parts being covered in twenty three hours of merciless darkness everyday, it’s no wonder that Scandinavia is a breeding ground for the cultural industries’ finest crime drama creators. Aside from it being in vogue with the current cultural zeitgeist, broadcasting houses and production companies have always focused on creating new ideas, rather than the regurgitative media of their British neighbours.

Nightwatch (or Nattevagten, if you wanna get a gold star) could be seen as the first successful filmic example of it’s sinister kind. Released way back in 1994, this intelligent thriller is able to meddle menace with comedy in a way which never impinges either quality separately, but combines together to create something idiosyncratically entertaining, and just a little bit Danish.

IMDb it.

2 thoughts on “#173: Nightwatch (1994)

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